Sunday, December 25, 2011

Leaving for Parisian Christmas

And we’re off! Terry and I rushed to finish our giant to-do list this morning (packing, cleaning up, playing and cuddling with Scout, etc.) and are now at the airport waiting to board. The stress of traveling gets me all riled up, so this morning I added a last-minute workout in order to relieve some stress and feel a little less guilty about all the food I plan to eat over the next eight days. At first, I had planned a tough pyramid workout, but my first three minutes on the treadmill felt so difficult that I revised the plan immediately. I plan to revisit my original pyramid workout eventually, but today I switched it up.

Workout: Cardio + Chest & Back
Run 1 mile at 7.0 mph
Bench press: 15 reps at 40 lbs.
Lat pull downs: 15 reps at 50 lbs.
10 push ups

Repeat twice, for a total of three miles and three sets of strength exercises.

After the workout, I met up with my friend Amanda for a late breakfast and to catch up on her first quarter away in Chicago at business school. It was wonderful to see her and enjoy a short time together before we both continued on our busy ways.

Terry and I left for the airport around 1:30 and will continue with our adventure in Paris!


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