Monday, December 12, 2011

My First Giveaway!

What an exciting day for my little blog! Terry and I agree that a spatula is the absolute perfect utensil for my first giveaway. Here's the story behind that (are you curious to know how there could be a spatula story in my life?): When Terry and I first moved in together, I made a trip to Bed Bath & Beyond. When I reported back to Terry about my purchases, I felt the need to justify only one impulse buy: the spatula. So, offhandedly, I said, "Oh, and I bought a spatula, because, you know, you can never have to many spatulas." Little did I know I had uttered words that we would continue to quote over the next four years. (Yes, we have a lot of spatulas, but not a crazy amount. But then, what's the normal spatula count for a household of two?) Now we constantly joke to each other about how thankful we are that we never run out of spatulas. We are truly the coolest.

Needless to say, I am thrilled that OXO chose to send me one of their "Good Cookie" spatula to review and another to give away. I'm already a huge fan of OXO products and highly recommend them, so here are my thoughts about their newest spatula.
First off, I was shocked at its size! It's tiny! It would fit perfectly in anyone's kitchen.
I would have especially loved this little guy in college.
Look how cute the little inscription is! "Be a good cookie." :-)
I also love the color. Our kitchen is all bright colors, and you can see it works perfectly with our theme!
So what to do for my experiment with the new spatula? Obviously, I needed a cookie, but I wanted to try something new. Chocolate cookies? Sure!
Two pounds of chocolate.
My version of a double boiler. Works perfectly every time. Set a heatproof bowl
over a pot of simmering water and stir the chocolate until smooth.
These cookies came out dense,  thick, and fudgy. I would actually argue that there may have been too much chocolate. And that's saying something for a chocolate lover like myself.
I added walnuts to the second batch. I loved the crunch!
So, how did the OXO spatula hold up throughout the baking? It was great! I definitely recommend it! I mentioned I was surprised at the tiny size, and that size turned out to be just perfect for cookies. Often when I bake, my huge spatulas make it awkward to get the food out neatly. Fear no more! This spatula scooped up the cookies perfectly, and I look forward to trying it with other foods, like casseroles or pancakes. And - bonus - it was super easy to clean. I just sponged it off, but it can also go in the dishwasher.

And here's the greatest part (from the OXO website): Your purchase helps OXO support Cookies for Kids' Cancer, up to $100,000; 50% of profits benefit pediatric cancer awareness. Amazing! Cookies + cancer-awareness: That's the kind of company I like to see.

So! Here's the deal: If you're interested in getting your very own Good Cookie Spatula for FREE, there are three ways to enter:

  1. Comment below with your favorite type of cookie or a cookie recipe you hope to try soon.
  2. Comment on the A Better Life With Burgers Facebook page with your favorite type of cookie or a cookie recipe you hope to try soon.
  3. Send me an e-mail (abetterlifewithburgers@gmail.comwith your favorite type of cookie or a cookie recipe you hope to try soon.
As promised, I would like to take this opportunity to shamelessly increase my subscribers, so while you comment/e-mail/Facebook, go ahead and click that cute little "subscribe" or "like" button! :-) 

I will randomly choose a winner on Friday of this week, and he/she will receive the spatula as an early Christmas gift!


  1. Congrats on your first giveaway! We're still working toward that phase for our blog :) This spatula would be perfect for lifting my limoncello cookies (which come out cute and rounded like your extra chocolaty ones)! -- Alice

  2. Why don't you make these amazing cookies when I'm home?

    And even though you can never have too many spatulas, I don't think I need this one, as you already have its twin!

  3. So fun!!! I'm constantly modifying this vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe and trying to get it just right. In fact, I DID get it just right one time and wrote the modifications down on a napkin, but the husband accidentally threw it away ): No! I usually replace the "egg replacer" (which I never get around to purchasing) with some combination of baking soda, baking powder, oil, and/or water!

  4. I love a good jam thumbprint cookie -- cute, classy and delicious!