Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Weekend Recap in Pictures

I promise I haven't run away. I have desperately missed my blog; even two days away was too much! I wasn't able to write because I flew up north on Saturday to enjoy some much-needed time with my family. Here's a little recap in images from the quick trip:

After a haircut with my future sister-in-law (pictures coming soon!) and lunch with my big brother, we all headed home for a family dinner.

Mom surprised me with some awesome  pajamas with cats and Eiffel Towers. Because we have a cat and are going to Paris this year. (Remember the first mention of the cat's pajamas?)
Mushroom "pizza things", my mom's famous appetizers. I promise to post the recipe soon!

My brother's amazing barbecued potatoes. 

Perfect steak. Check out those grill marks!

Chris juggled. With my family, it's dinner and a show!

My mom's nutcracker collection. We have three policemen nutcrackers.

I took these big boys for a run - one at a time!

Breakfast a la Dad: poached eggs, whole wheat English muffin, and bacon.

Ashley and Tango near the Christmas tree farm!

Chris and Achilles, so excited to be hunting for Christmas trees!

Chris and Ashley found their perfect tree!  Tango and Achilles seem less than excited.

A gorgeous day in the Santa Cruz mountains!

It looks like he's carrying the tree alone, but really, he's being dragged backwards as my brother pulls the other end.

Mom, upset because the 12-foot tree isn't quite big enough.

Chris and Ashley: 8 foot tree. Mom and Dad: 12 foot tree. So I had to pretend to find one for me, too.

In front of their "small" tree.

Ready to load! (Like my shirt? It says, "Challenge Accepted" - as in  Barney Stinson's catch phrase on How I Met Your Mother.)

I must have missed the memo that we were pulling and not posing for pictures...


Post-tree-finding picnic.

Ashley, Dad, and Chris (or half of him) setting up the tree.

Visiting two of my best friends at their brand new house!
A great weekend, topped off with lots of kitten-and-husband snuggling when I got back home to my boys. Now, after a LONG day at work, I promise you I'll be back to my normal blogging routine tomorrow!


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