Thursday, October 4, 2012


It's here! Today, Terry came to campus after work to join me as I cheered on my students at the freshmen football game, and it was chilly! Just a little bit, just enough that we felt we needed jackets. At home, we walked in and immediately wanted to turn off the fan--for the first time in about two months. And then we lit the pumpkin-scented candle. 

And it was fall. Finally.

Today was actually a great work day, but now I'm feeling a little off. Since tomorrow will be more than full--regular classes, lots of grading during breaks, Homecoming parade, dinner with Terry, and the Homecoming game--I am treating myself to an early bedtime. But first, a few little peeks at our thrilling evening:

Burrata from Trader Joe's. 1) I'm 90% sure that it's a new product. 2) I'm 83% sure that delicious container of creamy cheese will be gone by the end of the weekend. Or by Saturday at lunch. It's especially phenomenal on that Hearty Oat Loaf I made the other day. 

Scout was not thrilled about my choice to study tonight. Sorry, buddy, my test is coming up!

These quesadillas rocked! Spinach, bell pepper, chicken, and manchego cheese. 

All on the tortillas from Casablanca from last night! Soooooo good!

Plans for the weekend:
  • Homecoming festivities plus checking out a local restaurant tomorrow
  • Sleeping as much as possible
  • Plenty of exercise, hopefully in some slightly chilly weather
  • A little baking, perhaps
  • Errands, including Costco and Target, with the aim of picking up the new seasons of How I Met Your Mother and Happy Endings 
What are your plans for the weekend???

By the way, did anyone see 30 Rock tonight? I totally want to go on Homonym.


  1. my plans? running a marathon woohoo! have an awesome time at homecoming this weekend! i'm kind of jealous you get to do things like go to homecoming games. elementary school doesn't have nearly that much fun stuff :)

  2. So many exciting things happening on your end this weekend! Have fun girl. xo

  3. hooray for fall! our little town had their homecoming parade yesterday (weird that it wasn't on a weekend, right?!).

    we are loving some cooler temperatures here too! :)

  4. Sadly the majority of my weekend is being spent at work or with my head in my NASM book. Speaking of....back to it.