Friday, October 19, 2012

What I Love About Fridays

Everyone seems to have an extra pep in their step. The students are more positive, the teachers seem more relaxed, everyone wishes each other a happy Friday. The buzz on campus is electric.

Drawing from a student on a vocabulary quiz. Awesome.

I usually choose Friday as my rest day. While I love working out, I also appreciate my days off. I take the day to value my rest time and not worry about rushing home to get my workout done.

Terry and I try to get home pretty early to catch up on our shows via DVR. I cannot possibly describe how comfortable--and comforting--my couch is.

Scout knows. Oh yes, he knows.

The possibilities ahead in the next 48 hours get me all sorts of excited. Longer workouts, new recipes or restaurants, time with friends or family, sleeping more than six hours, an extra cup of tea in the afternoon, a few errands, or maybe even a little trip. (Every Friday I conveniently ignore the voice that tells me I'll never squeeze in all the things I want to, and every Sunday night I get annoyed at the weekend to do list with two things crossed off.)

On Fridays, I don't have to rush to ensure that my lessons are ready to go for the next day. I can take the time to relax, run errands, or, in today's case, study at Starbucks.

Today I tried my first pumpkin spice latte. I'm not a coffee drinker, but I have always heard such great things about the famous "PSL"--I guess I wanted to see what all the hype is about. Turns out I'm still not a fan of coffee, but the latte was tolerable and is likely responsible for the fact that my eyes are still open at 9:40 pm. (Wild night, folks.)

Since I never drink coffee, I was super excited to finally be able to take a classic coffee cup photo. Do you like it?

Lately, Terry and I have made Friday date night. Any day of the week that allows me several uninterrupted hours with my husband makes me a happy lady. Tonight we ventured out to a sports bar and grill for dinner.

This salad wasn't as good as it looked, but it got the job done.

Two pints and a Giants' win later, we headed to Manhattan Beach for another stop at Manhattan Beach Creamery. We loved it last time we went, and this time was even better. Terry stuck to a one-scoop cone of vanilla chip, and I got myself a one-scoop sundae, also with vanilla chip. It was seriously perfect for the night, and that ice cream is gooooood. I'm glad it's not closer to us; I would be there every night!

Blurry picture FTW

Fridays also (usually) mean no alarms for the next day, though Scout usually wakes us up around 6:30 trying to get us to play. Tomorrow, however, I'll be proctoring an exam for the students at my high school. I should have a few hours to get some grading done while I'm there, and I hope it'll start my weekend off on a productive note.

I hope you had a fantastic Friday and are looking forward to a wonderful weekend. Any big plans? After I proctor the exam tomorrow, I'll spend a few hours studying before an event at UCLA, and in the evening we're going to see The Book of Mormon in Hollywood at the Pantages Theater. We have heard that this play is hilarious and can't wait to see if it lives up to the hype. Our friends Heidi, Ed, Katie, and Corey are also attending, so we'll grab dinner before--another fun outing with friends!

Happy Friday to you!


  1. Haha that picture the kid drew is awesome! "not to scale" LOL

    I spent the evening babysitting a little stinker then baking 4 dozen cupcakes for tomorrow (2 doz for my sisters baby shower and 2 doz for halloween party!) I get to sleep in and frost cupcakes and hopefully crank out a 7 page paper?

    Have a great weekend lady! :)

  2. While I don't often mind working on the weekends (I can get errands done during the week quicker since no one else is there), I do long for the days of rest and no thinking about work. I had Thursday and Friday off (first time in a LONG time I've had two days off in a row), but we had a work meeting Fri night so I spent the whole day reminding myself not to get too caught up in what I was doing, as I was afraid I'd forget and miss it. Not exactly the relaxing "weekend" I was hoping for, but I guess it will do. ;)

  3. mmm whipped cream on that. I want a bite! hope you have a wonderful weekend.