Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Glory of Adulthood

During high school and college, and even now, I've heard my friends reminisce about the past.

"I wish I was a kid again; life was so easy."

"High school was so much fun. Why can't the real world be that way?"

"College was the best four years of my life."

And don't get me wrong; I had a fantastic childhood. I enjoyed high school for the most part, and college truly gave the rest of my life a run for its money, because it was fantastic. But I've always been much more excited about the present and future than about the past. And that is why I thought I should summarize my thoughts in this Why Adulthood is Awesome post.
  • I can drive. Yes, I could drive as a teenager, but now I don't have to ask permission, and I likely won't get grounded if I forget to call when I arrive at my destination (thanks for caring, Mom and Dad!). 
  • I can stay up as late as I want (though, to be honest, I'm usually in bed by 9 on Fridays...).
  • If someone calls past 10 pm, I don't have to explain to my parents who is calling and that I do, in fact, know what time it is.
  • The food is so much better when you a) don't have to eat at the dorms (yes, UCLA dorm food is considered some of the best in the nation, but it's still dorm food); b) know how to cook, can afford to purchase, and have a big enough kitchen in which to make good food; and c) no longer consider In-N-Out to be a "nice" place to eat.

  • Again, my roommate is my husband. I had some fantastic roommates in college, but now I can decorate any way I want.
  • No more midnight workouts--thank goodness.
  • No more midnight group meetings to finish that project.
  • No more midnight anything.
  • People are generally less concerned with who asked whom to the dance, though I suppose it could come up if ever adults attended dances.
  • I get to live with my best friend (who happens to be my husband), and we have a slumber party every night. 
  • I have a pet!
That's me!
  • I can travel to exotic places all by myself--or with my favorite travel buddy. 
  • I get to enjoy being friends with my parents. They've done their job raising me, and now we can all just have a good time together.
  • I get to be married, which is the absolute greatest thing ever.

Obviously, there is a lot I miss about high school and college, but I'm far happier and healthier now than I was then, and that makes me so excited for what the future holds!

Are you stoked about being an adult, or do you miss the good ol' days?


  1. Love Love this post.. especially:

    "I get to live with my best friend (who happens to be my husband), and we have a slumber party every night."

    That one right there may be the greatest of them all xo

  2. sometimes i miss being a kid or a teenager but it's mostly because i miss being around my family all the time. i love being an adult and i REALLY love living on my own and making all my own choices, but i miss coming home and having my mom make dinner and my dad ask me what i learned in school that day. so maybe i just need to move closer to my parents and then i can really revel in all adulthood has to offer!

  3. these are good reminders because right now i am getting a bit down about being a grownup!

  4. Haha-- I love the 10 PM phone call one :) So true!

  5. I also find adulthood much more fun! I can afford things, I am independent, Etc. it only gets better really.

  6. I LOVE being an adult. My life is in such a better place than it ever has been before. Sometimes I have to pinch myself. Haha!