Sunday, October 7, 2012

Stretching the Right Way

After a few errands this morning, including a stop at MAC for eyeshadow,

(The guy working there told me he was upset that I had "naked lips" and convinced me to buy a new lip gloss, which actually looks quite lovely)

Payless for work shoes, and the farmers' market for my favorite bread, Terry and I busted out a quick two miles. We're running a 5K next weekend with some friends. I've noticed lately that I've completely lost my speed, even for short distances, so I'm hoping to improve that over the next few months. Today I ran as fast as I thought I could manage, and I managed to maintain 7 mph for a half mile. Then I dropped to 6.5, and by the end I was probably much closer to 6. But it'll be a fun challenge to increase my speed, and I'm excited to read what my NASM textbook has to say about speed training.

Speaking of my textbook:

I got some studying in this weekend and learned all about flexibility. I mentioned several weeks ago that I knew I would have to empty my cup to adjust my prior knowledge about fitness. As it turns out, I even had lots to learn about stretching, warming up, and foam rolling.

Some key points I learned this weekend:
  • Foam rolling can be used before and/or after exercise. I always just used it after long runs, but it can be done prior to the workout also. 
  • Foam rolling isn't exactly rolling. Rather, it's finding a tight spot (a knot) and holding that point until the knot releases, or about 30 seconds. I was literally rolling, which was probably helpful but not as effective as releasing a knot.
  • Static stretching before working out should be avoided. Static stretching is holding a stretch for an extended time (20-30 seconds) and is very helpful after working out. But prior to a workout...
  • Dynamic stretching (or a dynamic warm up) is ideal before exercise. It warms up the muscles while also releasing tightness.
And let me tell ya, foam rolling the "right" way is incredibly painful effective. I highly recommend it.

I'm excited to apply all my new knowledge in my own workouts, especially since I'm now finally in the chapters that focus on actually building a fitness program. 

And now it's Sunday night, and we're facing a week of work and working out and studying and cooking and running errands and probably not sleeping enough. On the menu:
  • Monday: Broccoli pasta
  • Tuesday: Lamb chops (special treat!) with grilled vegetables--all on the BBQ
  • Wednesday: Greek salad in pita pockets, with leftover lamb
  • Thursday: Breakfast for dinner 
  • Friday: Maybe eat out, maybe have leftovers
Workout schedule:
  • Monday: Strength training circuit plus 20-30 minutes of yoga
  • Tuesday: Interval cardio workout plus stretching
  • Wednesday: Pyramid strength training plus HIIT
  • Thursday: Steady state cardio (incline walking) plus core work
  • Friday: Light strength circuit
  • Saturday: Rest
  • Sunday: 5K
What are your healthy plans for the week? Any fun recipes or new workouts on the horizon? 


  1. loving your meals and workouts for the week. those greek pita's with leftover lamb sound fantastic!

  2. i am the worst, i rarely stretch something I need to work on badly!

  3. HA! I think we might be at the same point in our studying! I just read about that the other day too! :)