Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Under Armour Hoody Review

When Under Armour contacted me to see if I was interested in reviewing one of their products, I immediately jumped at the opportunity. I have always felt that Under Armour makes fantastic athletic gear, but I wasn't aware of how much they have expanded their retail items.

For example, I'm pretty sure I need to get my husband this Superman Alter Ego T.

Under Armour site
How awesome is that?

The company has seemingly endless clothing options: footwear, tops, bottoms, accessories--for men, women, and kids! I'm so impressed with the lines of clothing and sports wear, and again thrilled that they wanted to work with me.

Under Armour allowed me to choose from a list of items to review for the upcoming holiday season, and I fell in love with the Fleece Storm Full Zip Hoody.

Fleece Storm Full Zip Hoody

The hoody comes in a variety of colors, and I was stoked to see grey on the list of options, but they also have really bright choices, like teal and pink. The pockets are perfectly placed (does that make sense? Maybe it's just me, but sometimes my jacket pockets are awkwardly positioned) and nice and cozy.

And I cannot tell you how well this hoody fits! I love it! It's comfortable--not too tight--but fitted. The sleeves aren't too short (I have normal arms, I swear, but a lot of jackets make me feel like I'm part gorilla), and the wrists are fitted just right. The company provides an extremely accurate sizing chart that helped me decide which size to order, and it's perfect! The hoody also goes past the hips, which I like a lot. I know I'll wear it running in the winter, and I hate when jackets are too short. 

I wore my new hoody to school the other day and felt so comfortable and warm (my classroom is an icebox, and it was the first time all year I didn't have goosebumps!). I was surprised that the jacket doesn't look like "workout gear"--it worked perfectly with nice jeans, and the color I chose classed things up a bit.

Obviously, Under Armour is an extremely well known and respected company, so I already knew the quality would be stellar, but this hoody really exceeded my expectations. The material is soft and cozy, and the outer part of the jacket is water repellent. (I may or may not have spilled water on myself when I wore it. Don't worry about it, but I do in fact know that it does repel water.)

Living in LA doesn't require too many hoody-wearing days, but I look for any excuse to bundle up on cold nights, and the weather is finally cooling down here. I know I'll wear this jacket for every outdoor run or walk when we go up to northern California for Christmas this year. I wish I had it last year when we were freezing in Paris! It would have been perfect for all our walking--lightweight but warm.

If you haven't already been convinced, I highly recommend checking out Under Armour's amazing clothes, shoes, accessories, and outerwear. They aren't just for workouts!

I really can't get over how great this hoody fits! It doesn't add bulk, just warmth!

And, as you may have guessed, the generous folks at Under Armour are letting me host a giveaway! Keep an eye out later this week!

Disclaimer: Under Armour sent me a hoody to review, but all opinions and the above review are my own.


  1. What an amazing product to be able to review. I've always been a huge fan of under-armour clothes. I think the fact that every piece of clothing I own from them feel so light weight, and makes for the absolute perfect running wardrobe!

  2. those alter ego t's are hysterical - do they come with the giant pecs as well? and i love zip up hoodies - they are pretty much my staple during the fall and i need a new one because i have been wearing the one i have to death! the best part of that one looks like the length. i love when shirts/hoodies are actually long enough to cover my torso - and i don't even have that long a torso!

  3. This looks super cozy...I wear hoodys almost everyday here in the fal/winter in Pittsburgh! I will def be checking this product out! and as for those t-shirts...hilarious! love them!

  4. Do they make maternity options? :)

  5. GIRL i want that hoodie. I adore hoodies but have never had one from under armour. now I need money to buy one...

  6. That hoodie looks AWESOME and super comfy! :)