Monday, October 22, 2012

Warm Soup Belly

This morning, as I scrambled eggs and toasted bread for breakfast, I announced to Terry, "Hey, I completely forgot about lunch. We literally have nothing to bring to work."

Now, of course, this reveals a few things about me:

  1. I hypocritically ignored all of my own advice about prepping lunches the night before.
  2. I didn't plan my menus for the week in advance.
  3. I actually didn't even look in the fridge and think about lunch until six o'clock in the morning.
  4. I need to get my act together.
Of course, we did have some options. We could have packed overnight oats or peanut butter and jelly. We had some slightly old spinach that could have been made into a decent salad of sorts. But I had heard about a local soup place near my work--and Terry had plans to get off work early today. If that's not fate, I don't know what is! Terry is all about soup, so he was in.

Side bar: I actually don't really like soup. Yes, I have two soup recipes that I highly recommend (chicken noodle and Pappa al Pomidoro), but it sort of ends there for me. It's funny, because I've always wanted to like soup. My mom used to make soup on cold days and ate it out of a mug--it always looked delicious and comforting. Similarly, I always thought tomato soup with grilled cheese would be phenomenal. And yet every time I made it or ordered it, I wasn't a fan. 

To be fair, I know that homemade soup is MUCH better than canned stuff, and I know that butter works wonders. And I can take down a bowl of clam chowder like nobody's business--as long as there's enough sourdough bread. But lately I'm eager to try more soups to see how it goes, hence the new restaurant today.

Well, it was awesome!!! I ordered the tomato-basil bisque and a spring mix salad (greens, feta, and candied walnuts), which comes with a side of sourdough bread. Honestly, the bread wasn't anything to write home about, but the soup was soooooo tasty! Somehow it was still piping hot when Terry dropped it off for me, and I just loved every bite. By the time I was done (I couldn't even finish it all, so I'll enjoy some tomorrow as well), I had warm soup belly, a condition that Marshall mentions in HIMYM--it makes you want to curl up in your pjs and is not exactly conducive to teaching teenagers.

Who knew I would someday write an entire post about soup? Especially liking soup! 

The rest of the evening was quite mellow. I'm not feeling great, and I even skipped my workout. I had to convince myself that missing one day of exercise (or just moving my workouts one day back) isn't the end of the world and is likely a smart choice to get me through the rest of the week.

I did, however, enjoy my husband's amazing chili tonight, along with some homemade cornbread. This cornbread really rocks my world; I'm already so excited to eat it for breakfast tomorrow. And we have some leftovers of the chili, too, so I get to eat that once or twice more this week!

Scout helped me study a bit, the Giants won the NLCS (HELL YES!!! WORLD SERIES, BABY!), and I've got big plans to get in bed super early tonight. 

I spy a Giant's shirt!

What's your favorite lunch? 
I still won't say soup, even though it really hit the spot today. I'd have to go with a half sandwich (eggplant, roasted bell peppers, grilled sourdough bread...) and small salad (spinach and feta can be involved), plus a few sweet potato fries. :-) 


  1. Ha Ha, you and Terry are too cute. I'm not a big soup person either with an exception from time to time. I've always wanted to like soup like every other normal person in this world, but it's just never happened for me either haha.

    Mmm that cornbread and chili look delicous!!

    My favorite lunch: Salad with Tuna, tomatoes, cucumber, brussel sprouts, cream cheese, salsa, & clementine. Soo good :)... ohh & a slice of chocolate zucchini bread on the side

  2. i need to find a man who can drop hot soup off to me in the middle of the day, that sounds like heaven! i share your feelings on soup in general though - i want to love it, i can see why people love it, but every time i have it i don't find it super satisfying. except for clam chowder. clam chowder is the bomb.

    my favorite lunch is definitely a big salad with a greek yogurt for "dessert". i probably have it 3 times a week and i love it every single time. the salad usually has some cheese, some fruit, turkey and balsamic. yum.

  3. awwww, that's so sweet of terry to bring you soup at work! :) i don't eat soup very often either, but every now and then i'll get a craving for it. grilled cheese + tomato soup will always be one of my favorite combinations, though!

  4. i am worst at food prep so i would be in the same boat. I can't remember the last time i actually packed a meal. i usually just stuff snacks in my bag.