Wednesday, December 19, 2012

26 Acts of Kindness

When I read Gina's post this morning, I was so comforted to learn that people across the country are taking action to remember the victims of the Sandy Hook tragedy.

NBC's Ann Curry started a popular trend of committing to do 26 acts of kindness, one for each of the victims killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Reading through what people have done is so beautiful, so inspiring. There are so many good people, and I think I needed a reminder.

For my part, I'm committing to 26 random acts of kindness. Terry is doing 26 acts as well. We had fun brainstorming a little bit tonight, and I'm sure some ideas will come along over the next few days. Off the top of my head, from what I've seen:

  • Pay for the person behind you at a toll or at Starbucks.
  • Donate toys to a local toy drive.
  • Bring cookies to your local fire station or police department.
  • Send a note or small gift to school for your child's teacher.
  • Volunteer your time with a local organization.
It doesn't have to be big (one person left a quarter in the gumball machine, ready for the next person who approaches), and it doesn't have to be money-related. You can include information about 26 Acts of Kindness with the person/people you are helping, and you can also provide the name of one of the victims in their honor. (You can see examples here.)

You can check out BuzzFeed's post to see what people have done so far, and you can also like the Facebook page for more updates. Twitter hashtag #26Acts or #26actsofkindness.

I haven't decided all of my acts yet, but I'll be sure to share. Meanwhile, if you hear of any similar movements to honor the victims, please share!

[Worst transition ever]

Since it's WIAW, here are some eats for today:

(Check out the other WIAWs!)

6:30 am - Breakfast 
An egg over medium with a piece of toast (not pictured), plus tea

11:00 am - Snack

1:00 pm - Lunch
About 3/4 cup of tuna with crackers (Trader Joe's Triscuits) and Havarti cheese

3:30 pm - Snack
At a grading "party" with some fellow teachers, I enjoyed some prosecco, meatballs (made out of wild boar! my first time having it!), and some brie

7:00 pm - Dinner
Leftover tomato bisque and some sourdough bread

8:00 pm - Baking snack
Made these healthy oatmeal cookies and snacked on dough :-)

The rest of the evening involved some gift wrapping! Scout tried to attack all the ribbon and pounced on the scissors more than once, but once he nestled into the tissue paper/bow box we all had a good time.

Any suggestions for my random acts of kindness?


  1. Put the neighbours bin out for them during Christmas week :-)

  2. this is a great idea, thanks for posting about it! also i tried wild boar FOREVER ago on a family trip to canada but can't remember if i liked it or not. i imagine in meatball form i would like it because i pretty much like anything in meatball form :)

  3. this is awesome, man I wish I could get better at sticking to something like this.

  4. Those oatmeal cookies look awesome!

    And that grading party sounds... Fun? Haha. But really, I bet it was, especially with all of that amazing food :)