Monday, December 31, 2012

Upper or Lower: Your Choice

If you're looking for a final workout for 2012, choose one of the following. Tack on 20 minutes of steady state cardio to make for a complete workout!

Some exercise links:

Reverse Dumbbell Curl

Cable Pull Down

Bent Over Row

Stability Ball Hip Abductions

Stability Ball Inner Thigh Squeeze

Enjoy the last day of the year!!!

Any big plans to ring in 2013?
Last year at midnight, I was seriously sick with food poisoning. So anything other than that will be a huge improvement!


  1. Oh Julie, your last years New Years sounds awful. I hope this year is much different =)

  2. I will be saving these! Hopefully your NYE is way better this year

  3. Love these! I like the "make your own" of it. And hope you have a great New Years!