Sunday, December 2, 2012

Getting in the Spirit

Well, the Christmas spirit is alive and well in the Heinrich household! Terry and I spent the day putting up the decorations and listening to Christmas music, with a little work mixed in for good measure.

This morning for breakfast I wanted to incorporate some vegetables into my meal (you know, since I failed at that last night), and I ended up with a delicious little combo:

Spinach, one egg over easy, and some croutons (leftover from last night's stuffing). Simple, but filling and tasty.

Today was tree day, and while it was quite different from last year's mountain adventure with my parents, it turned out to be a really fun day. The tree lot we went to was small but really nice--tons of trees in a variety of sizes, all gorgeous and full, Noble and Douglas options, plenty of workers to help load up the tree on top of the car. Terry and I picked up Jenn, too, so that she could pick out a tree for her apartment. We had so much fun, and a little rain didn't turn out to be so bad.

From the time Terry and I left our apartment this morning, it took only two hours to pick up Jenn, select two trees, drop off our tree, set up Jenn's tree in her apartment, and set up our tree in our apartment. It was miraculous! No traffic, no problems.

We tucked away all our Thanksgiving goodies and busted out our few Christmas decorations. We have more that we simply don't have space to store, so a lot of our ornaments and miscellaneous decorations are up north with my parents. Someday, when we have a bigger place, we'll finally get to use all that stuff again!

I wrote this note to myself last year, which turned out to be super helpful this year!

Still, our cozy little place doesn't look too shabby:

And now to start another week! We'll be eating lots of turkey, of course, and my workout plan is as follows for right now:

  • Monday: morning workout or rest
  • Tuesday: Boot Camp Workout A + sprints
  • Wednesday: Boot Camp Cardio + Core
  • Thursday: Boot Camp Workout B + HIIT
  • Friday: Cardio + Core
  • Saturday: Boot Camp Workout C
  • Sunday: Cardio circuit or run with Terry
What do you do to get ready for the holidays? Decorating? Shopping? Music? Special meals?

Hope you have a great start to the week!


  1. What a fun day. All of your decorations look great =)

  2. your apartment looks so cute! i can't wait til next year because tex and i will (if all goes as planned knock on wood!) living together and i made him promise that since i am not getting a tree this year, next year, we could get a big one for next year! i'm so excited to start all these holiday traditions with him and you and terry seem to do such a great job making traditions for yourselves.

  3. very cute decorations even for an apartment!

  4. Your place looks so festive, but I have to say my favorite part might be the Charlie Brown Christmas tree! ;)