Wednesday, December 5, 2012

'Tis the Season be jolly, right? Today, I'm not feeling so jolly. It was a rough morning technology-wise at school, and then I came down with a pretty solid sore throat. And there went the plans for the day!

Which brings me to today's topic: What's not so great about this time of year.

Please bear with me; I consider myself an optimistic, positive person. But sometimes it's fun to look at the glass half empty, isn't it?

  • Flu/cold season. The poor kids get sick, and then they still come to school. I don't blame them--I do feel that being present is one of the best ways to be successful in school--but of course sick kids means sick teachers, and the cycle continues.
  • Starbucks. Honestly, it's a love-hate relationship. I don't need anything in there. I don't drink coffee, and the best tea is a cup of English Breakfast made right at home. But it's just so cozy in there! Starbucks calls to me at this time of year! And inevitably I feel obligated to buy something. 
  • Weather-related delays and incidents. I know I shouldn't really complain, because in LA we don't deal with frost or snow days or majorly destructive weather. But the fact that LA isn't used to rain unfortunately leads to lots of accidents when the roads get wet; drivers aren't used to the roads and the roads tend to flood pretty quickly. Traffic gets even worse than usual!
  • The millions of e-mails about sales. How many holiday specials can there be?
  • Hearing the same version of the same song over and over again. I love Christmas music, but perhaps a little rotating through?
  • Candy canes. I think they're cute, but peppermint upsets my tummy.

Luckily, there's a lot more I love about the holidays compared to what doesn't thrill me. I'll keep things much happier around here.

And on that notes, some eats for today:

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Spinach and eggs for breakfast, with tea in an adorable mug

The most amazing Thanksgiving leftover salad (from our second turkey dinner): turkey, spinach, sliced almonds, dried cranberries, balsamic, and olive oil. SO good!

Another cuppa after school to soothe that sore throat I mentioned.

Dinner was a hodgepodge of chicken wings, truffle fries, and a few bites of a Chipotle burrito bowl (the rest I'll have for lunch tomorrow). We met up with some other Bruin alums for a happy hour and had a great time, but now I am desperate for rest before another busy day tomorrow!

Oh yeah, and falalalala lalalala.

So, what's your beef with the holidays?


  1. i don't really have a ton of beef with the holidays but all the crowds at stores does drive me maybe that's my biggest holiday irritant? i feel you on the emails though - enough with the sales! that salad does look awesome!

  2. the sales can really get you I feel like this time of year I am bombarded by emails. crazy. and working with kids I feel ya on the sickness, i try and keep myself healthy with lots of water and hand sanitizer. I just make myself believe it helps.

  3. I find it hard to stick to healthy during the holidays! Those cookies look so good sometimes...That salad was a perfect way to get yum and healthy in one package. We have some holiday recipes too if anyone needs inspiration! and

    The WOWU Family

    Keep up the fantastic blog!