Friday, October 31, 2014

Coffee Date

I've seen these fun posts on Gina's and Bobbi's blogs, and I think they're cute. I pretend I'm meeting for coffee with you (dear reader :-), and we chat about whatever we would chat about in person. I'm feeling inspired by the fact that I had an actual coffee date this morning with a real, live human adult!

Yay! (Marshall's bib says, "My First Spooky Halloween.") 
(Also, can we talk about his thighs??? I love them!)

So let's start there. If we were having coffee today I'd tell you that it was so nice to go to a new place, meet someone new, and talk for almost three hours about raising kids (she has five-year-old twins!), how neither of us really loves Halloween, and Europe (she's originally from England!). Marshall came with me, of course, and he had a mini-meltdown while we waited for our coffee (poor guy was tired but bringing him to a new place with a new person kept him awake and he just lost it), but then he fell asleep, ate, and then played happily while we chatted. This mom is a member of my local MOMS Club and invited me to coffee to welcome me, which was so kind. She also encouraged me to check out a group called MOPS, so I'm excited to look into it.

This is Marshall's tired face.

During our little get together I actually opted to have tea--with caffeine. I've avoided caffeine since a few months into my pregnancy because I was worried about its effects on Marshall, but after talking to a lot of other moms about their caffeine intake I decided to try one cup of my favorite English Breakfast to see how it goes. Last night I slept terribly because Terry was out of town, so today was a good day to go for it, and Marshall doesn't seem to be any different from usual. Hooray! I've been really excited about adding tea back into my morning (and sadly, I just don't love herbal teas the way I love my English Breakfast--although yesterday I tried a lemon-rose herbal tea from Peet's and really enjoyed it), so I'm happy!

I'm also a little jittery. Go figure.

Last thing about Marshall: He rolled over tummy to back today! He's been so close for several weeks, but we kinda gave up on it ever happening, and then today he seemed super close while on his fluffy play mat so I moved him to the carpet and he turned right over! Hopefully he'll do it again when Daddy gets home.


I don't remember if I mentioned it, but we finally settled on attending a Halloween festival nearby tomorrow night. We just want an excuse to dress Marshall up, get a photo of all three of us, and enjoy some local festivities. I can't wait to finish up my little Halloween post all about Marshall's first holiday celebration!

If we were having coffee right now, I'd want to know what you're up to. How have things been lately? What are your plans for this weekend? And for the holidays? Any fun Halloween costumes you've seen?

Hope you have a fantastic Halloween and a great weekend! Remember to set your clocks back an hour!


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