Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Favorites

Yesterday, Marshall and I headed to Fremont (my home town!) to meet up with one of my very best friends and her newborn (almost two months old) baby boy, Keston. He is almost exactly three months younger than Marshall, and I'm already excited for future play dates! Despite Marshall's look of concern, I think he had fun meeting a fellow baby.

Marshall took a long nap on the way home and didn't quite seem ready to wake up when we got back, so I popped him into the stroller for a thirty-minute walk around my parents' neighborhood. He snoozed away! I think all this excitement up here has gotten him worn out!

Scout's pretty beat, too. My parents' house leaves him lots of room to run around!

How cute are these pants? Man, baby clothes are just adorable.

Also, my new computer gets MAJOR points for having an actual charge. It hasn't been plugged in since Monday, and it's still going on battery (perhaps because I forgot my charger...).

Go Giants! My parents' best friends came over to watch the game yesterday and to see Marshall. It was so fun! I was in the room putting Marshall to bed when the walk-off homer happened, but I sure got to hear the celebration!

My mom had her nails done for the series!

This morning my parents and I took Marshall to a local French bakery. I love just gazing at fancy bakery displays. Edible art, that's my idea of culture. I also loved their little gallery wall.

Oh, and the croissants and pain au chocolat were damn good, too!

I have exactly four minutes of battery left so I'm outta here! Happy FRIDAY!!!! Terry comes up today!!! WOO HOO!!!

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