Wednesday, October 8, 2014

WIAW Hold the Cheese

Okay, guys, I confirmed that it was only one squirrel. Still weird, though, right?

As of right now (2:00 pm on Wednesday afternoon), my child has been asleep in his crib for THREE hours and ten minutes. WHAT?! Normally he wakes up after 35 minutes or so and might go back to sleep with lots of rocking, maybe some nursing, but not in his crib. So naturally I have no idea what to do with myself.

Okay now it's 9:09 pm (where did the day go?), and Marshall ended up sleeping for a total of three hours and fifty minutes. Unheard of. I of course worried all day that he might be sick or something, but I'm trying not to stress about it. Babies are weird and unpredictable, so I'm just going to assume he's fine.

After the Epic Nap, we did make one quick outing to Costco and Trader Joe's. Well, it was supposed to be quick; I forgot to write a list for Costco and wandered around aimlessly, checking each aisle for whatever I might need.

I left with a bag of greens (we get one every week so I can make big side salads with each dinner), maple syrup, and Honest Company shampoo. I wonder if the employees keep a record of the most random purchases, because I feel like I might win sometimes.

Terry and I arrived home around the same time, so we took the little guy for a walk in the Ergo and chatted about our respective days. I am so thankful that, while it is still quite hot here, the evenings and mornings are relatively cool and make for nice walking weather. Tomorrow I hope to go for a long walk with Marshall, and I really do prefer cool weather because I feel bad when he's all sweaty in his car seat or the Ergo. When will it be fall?

And now I shall provide a quick account of today's meals, which I actually photographed! You can find more fun blogs sharing what they ate at Peas and Crayons.

Breakfast: I'm back on the two-scrambled-eggs-tortilla-and-salsa train for breakfast. I could eat this little burrito every day if it didn't mean missing out on my other breakfast favorites (a toss-up among all other breakfast foods). Terry and I are borderline addicted to this Whole Foods salsa.

Mid-morning snack: apple with peanut butter (yes, on the carpet) while Marshall practiced sitting up. He can't sit up at all yet, but I think it's fun to sit him up in front of the mirror so he can see the cute baby in the mirror.

Lunch: leftover chili on top of half of a sweet potato. My husband makes a mean chili, you guys. I barely missed the cheese and sour cream, which I'm avoiding for the most part while Marshall is nursing.

Unpictured: two muffins (pumpkin and banana chocolate chip). Also a handful of chips.

Dinner: Aforementioned greens (tossed with olive oil, balsamic, salt, and pepper) and pizza. The pizza was inspired by our recent trip to Pieology, because I wanted pizza but had to skip the cheese. So I copied my order from the make-your-own-pizza place and ended up with: marinara sauce (I bought it from TJ's), onion, bell pepper, pepperoni, and pesto drizzled on top. Tons of flavor--I didn't even miss the cheese!

And for dessert, another muffin with chocolate chips. I need to make some real desserts around here.

Hope you made it through the beginning of the week!

Is there a food you eat every day? I wish I could say "vegetables!" but alas, my answer is chocolate. Without even trying I am fairly certain I eat chocolate every day.

What store is most dangerous for you? I have my impulse shopping pretty well under control, but Costco and Target tend to tempt me.

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  1. Target is my most dangerous store! For some reason with Costco I look forward to trying the samples more than I do buying things! haha