Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Parent Fun Facts and Tuesday Outings

Shout out to my parents: Happy 36th wedding anniversary! Here are some fun facts about my parents' marriage:

1. They met while my mom was a police dispatcher and my dad was a cop. Adorable, right? (Also adorable: My mom once wanted to be a cop, but at 5-foot-nothing decided maybe it wouldn't be the right fit.)

2. They raised two (fantastic, if I do say so myself) children and now have one (quite cute, if I do say so myself) grandson, plus they have had six dogs (I think?) and one squirrel. Maybe two squirrels. There was at least one squirrel in there somewhere, which is weird enough. 

3. My parents got engaged two months after they met and were married six months later. My mom's mom met my dad and told my mom he was "the one." 

4. Most importantly, my dad wore a baby blue tuxedo at his wedding, and he looked like a stud.

Circa 1978

5. Oh, that reminds me. Remember how my mom is 5-foot-nothing? My dad is 6-foot-one! But it works.

Happy anniversary, you crazy kids!

This week has me all thrown off. I feel like today is Sunday because Terry took yesterday and today off from work. We kept it pretty low-key: errands, chores, the usual. But we also had a dentist appointment today up in West LA and made an afternoon of it with some happy hour action at Rock Sugar before coming home. A wise choice, given the traffic at that hour; I think we missed the worst of it.

Before the dentist, Marshall and I enjoyed a very special outing with our local MOMS Club: a visit to the fire station! I knew Marshall would have no idea what the hell was happening, but I am still eager to meet other moms and figured we could score some cute pictures. Success on both fronts.

Fun fact: the fire fighter on the left there is going to be a dad next year!

Marshall scored a Junior Fire Fighter badge and sported one of his many fire truck outfits. I had fun getting up close to the fire trucks, and Marshall loved seeing the lights on the engine! 

When we got home, dinner was on the table in about three minutes, thanks to Terry's prep work this afternoon. He had cooked up some chili and let it simmer in the crock pot while we were out, so we heated up some sweet potatoes and served up the chili for a quick and delicious meal. I swear, his chili gets better every time! This one involved ground beef, onion, zucchini, yellow squash, fire roasted tomatoes, black and kidney beans, and about half a beer, plus all his usual seasonings (different every time). I'm so glad I married such a creative cook!

The rest of this week looks fairly mellow. The house is pretty tidy from our work this weekend, so I can focus on hanging with our little dude. I have a fun workout to share tomorrow that still has me a little sore today (from Saturday!), so get excited. Have a great Wednesday!

If you're married, do you celebrate the traditional anniversary gifts? 

If you're not married, do you hope to marry a fire fighter? Ha, just kidding. :-) But actually, I have a fire fighter friend, so let me know if you're looking. You're welcome in advance.


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