Wednesday, October 15, 2014

First Two Days in the Bay Area

Greetings from the Bay Area! On Monday night my dad flew to LA, spent the night with us, and drove me, Marshall, and Scout up to visit them for the week. Terry is in San Diego for work again. I miss him already! But I'm grateful to get to spend some time with my family while we wait for him to get back.

So far our trip has been a wild runaround, and Marshall and I are both exhausted. He has been so great during the trip though! I hate sticking him in that car seat for so long, but he napped and played without much complaint.

Yes, Scout crawled onto Marshall, who barely noticed.

We arrived yesterday around 4:30 pm, and I let Marshall play with his grandparents a bit before taking him for a walk in the Ergo to get some fresh air. After he went to bed, we ate one of my favorite meals my mom makes: fajitas! I make fajitas at home, too, but they never turn out like my mom's. She always cooks her onions and peppers perfectly. Reminds me of my childhood.

I slept horribly last night. I assume Terry's absence plus worrying about Marshall had me all worked up. I woke up at 1 am for some reason, and I couldn't fall asleep until after 4. Luckily Marshall was willing to sleep again after his 6:30 feeding, so we slept until 8:30!

Today was a blur. Marshall played with my mom for a while and then we headed out to my sister-in-law's beauty salon for a cut and color for me. I'll show a picture later, when the bags under my eyes are less ridiculous. So by "later," I mean "never." My mom hung out with Marshall at the salon, and he was really good! He got a little fussy, but my mom took him outside and he calmed down. When we all went to lunch (my mom, me, Marshall, Ashley, and her mom Judy), Marshall dozed off in the stroller.

At home, I desperately wanted to get some exercise, so I took Marshall out for a walk. We walked about 40 minutes, ran maybe 5 of those, and I did a few strength exercises:

  • 15 incline push ups + 20 walking lunges (x3)
  • 15 bench dips + 15 squats (x3) -- Marshall got a kick out of the squats! He cracked up every time I moved up and down. 
Then my parents hosted a short block party with their new neighbors, so I got a chance to meet a few of them. Marshall was wide-eyed through all the noise and people but stayed in a good mood and finally went to bed around 8:15. And now I've just finished dinner and am eager to chat with my better half before getting (hopefully a good amount of) sleep. Tomorrow I'm planning to visit my friend Winnie and meet her almost-two-month-old!

I hope you had a great Wednesday. Here's to an even better Thursday!

Oh, and GO GIANTS!!!


  1. Looks like a good workout to get in during a hectic time. Such a sweetie you have there (and the kitty too).