Wednesday, November 19, 2014

An Excuse for Lots of Marshall Photos

Well, it's been another whirlwind week since my parents arrived in town last night. They made it just in time for a late dinner of shrimp pasta and asparagus, and we chatted a bit before sending them back to the hotel and heading to bed.

By the way, here's how we put Marshall down for a nap.

Here's how we found him five minutes later. We've got a mover!

This morning I had to get up and out pretty early for Marshall's six-month appointment! I can't believe we're already (almost) at the half-year mark. What a crazy ride so far. Anyway, the appointment was longer than usual thanks to a forty-minute wait, and then Marshall got three shots. Fun for everyone!

By the way, I am not one of those mothers who cries when her baby gets a shot. I think I've mentioned this before. Should I feel bad about that? I mean, I feel bad for him when his face gets all red and sad, but that's about it. A woman saw his little band-aids and told me shots are "the absolute worst for baby and mom." I definitely don't agree. At least when he gets a shot I know why he's crying and I'm able to hold him immediately after. I'll take that over not being able to comfort him (like with jaundice, when we weren't allowed to pick him up from under the lights) or not knowing what's wrong.

Okay, that was a fun tangent! Moving on. After the appointment we met up with my parents and headed to a local park for a nice walk. Marshall napped, the adults chatted and people-watched, and we ended up looping three times for 2.75 miles. Then we grabbed lunch and Marshall napped again at home, which allowed my parents and I to relax for a little while. It was a nice afternoon of laundry, watching Marshall practice his sitting up(!), and hanging out at home.

I told my dad he would get 10 gold stars if he could get Marshall to sleep before I got out of the shower. He won.

After Terry arrived home, my parents finished making fajitas for dinner, and we put the little guy to bed. Pretty typical day with PopPop and JanJan visiting!

By the way, Terry and I are both super sore from that core workout the other day. You should try it.

Do you cry when you get shots? Or when your children get shots? (Fur children are included here.) Apparently I only cry when my baby sleeps soundly in another room.


  1. seriously adorable! shots are no fun for anyone!

  2. What a cutie! I love his little striped onesie!