Sunday, November 9, 2014

Matching Boys, Waffles, and that Basket

Hello there! Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Ours was a mix of awesome and not-so-awesome, the latter because Terry had to work a lot. But we squeezed in some fun.

On Friday we got the car washed and then drove to a nearby park for a quick family walk. The boys accidentally matched!

Grey and orange--two of my favorite colors! No doubt they just wanted to impress me.

And even though Daddy had to work, at least he was home! Marshall showed his appreciation the best way he knows how--spit up and smiles.
I spy a kitten...

I got some smiles, too. :-)
This kid loves a good mirror.

On Friday night, I made waffles for dinner with bacon, eggs, and greens. So, naturally, Saturday morning became Leftovers Breakfast. To mix things up I stirred in a little almond extract and topped the waffles with sliced almonds and raspberries. It was a terrific decision.

By the way, Costco had raspberries for $3.49 this week. I will be back to buy more. (Scratch that--I wrote this on Saturday and already went back today [Sunday] to get more. They were goooooood!)

Oh, and as promised, here's the basket I bought at HomeGoods to make a little "Marshall station" for our bedroom now that he has migrated to his own bedroom.


- a few blankets (so we can lay out blankets on the bed/sheets when he joins us in bed in the mornings, as is becoming a routine)
- burp cloths--I only had a few in there at the time of the photo, but really we have dozens scattered throughout the house at any given time, so we're usually covered
- diapers
- wipes
- changing pad (the black and white thing in the back)--a waterproof pad we place on the bed to protect our duvet cover/sheets while changing diapers
-washcloths, since we give Marshall his baths in our bathroom (his little infant tub fits on our bathroom countertop)
- extra onesies--two short sleeve and two long sleeve
- Honest Company Healing Balm, for diaper rash or scratches (our other room has Butt Paste)
- a bulb syringe (we have three, all in different rooms--we used them all the time when Marshall was a newborn but not so much anymore)
- cloth reusable wipes, which I love--I use them to dry Marshall during diaper changes so we reduce the chances of diaper rash. They're super soft, too!
- a few quiet toys--Marshall will come into bed with us in the morning and, after I feed him, he might not be quite ready to go back to sleep yet, so he'll happily play with a soft toy or rattle before popping his thumb in his mouth and dozing back to sleep

Saturday night, once Terry was able to take an extended break from work, we headed out to watch the last quarter of the UCLA game at BJ's. I really like their pumpkin ale, and we split a pizza, but otherwise it was just about watching the game and getting out of the house. It was way past Marshall's bedtime, but he was a champ!

Go Bruins!

Sunday Terry didn't have to work at all (yay!), so we made it a family day with some errands and chores, some meal prep for the week, and a lovely visit with our friend Fay, who got to meet our little guy for the first time!

Here are our dinner plans for the week:
It's nice to have a plan, and I'm excited for some variety around here. 

Plans for the week:
  • Working on Christmas cards (I'm hoping to find some sort of early bird special...any recommendations?)
  • Starting some Christmas gift projects
  • Attending some MOMS Club events and meeting up with my little unofficial moms group for another walk
  • Keeping up with my workouts!
Speaking of which, here's what I did Saturday:

Only 20 minutes total, and definitely enough to get me nice and sore! I got through two and a half rounds of Group 1 (if you think I conveniently happened to stop before I had to do a third set of burpees, you are absolutely correct) and three full rounds of Group 2. I got my heart rate up, worked lots of muscle groups, and broke a good sweat, all with just a pair of dumbbells. It was excellent.

Some notes and links to proper form:
*Pendulum lunges (I know Jillian's videos are a little long, but she talks through the exercises really well. If you click to the middle of the video, you can see the exercise without all the chatter.)
*Curl + Press (Use both arms at the same time)
*Burpees (with or without the push up at the bottom--I did it without)

*Squat with Front Kick
*Front Shoulder Raises (Use both arms at the same time)

Time to get to bed to try to nip this little sickness in the bud. Hope your week starts off wonderfully!

Do you start celebrating the holidays as early as Starbucks, or do you have an after-Thanksgiving rule? We wait until after Thanksgiving. It is hard to resist starting to think of gifts for people, though!

What's your favorite day of the week? I love any day Terry is home (ideally without having to work). Otherwise they all kind of blend together...


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