Thursday, November 13, 2014

Catching Up on a Sick Week

Ahh, this week really took a turn. I'm still sick with some sort of a cold that has progressed through a sore throat, head/neck ache, congestion, and runny nose. Today I entered the sneezing stage, which is fun. Thankfully I never got a fever, but trying to care for an infant while also having to blow my nose (and then wash/sanitize my hands) every two minutes or so is proving rather challenging.

But at least I get to cuddle with this guy even more.

Comfort food helped out a little this week. On Tuesday we made this soup, which tastes exactly like potato cheese soup. Because that's what it is, essentially. Definitely a rich food, but I liked it. I would make it again on a cold winter night. Leftovers last night were great, and Terry took another serving to lunch today!

A little elf who sometimes goes by PopPop is making our Christmas dreams come true! My dad generously stopped by our storage unit up in Northern California to grab several boxes of our Christmas decorations so that we can decorate for Marshall's first Christmas. Thanks, Dad!

On Tuesday we met up with Terry for lunch and even snagged a family photo.

All in stripes! 

I'm making more of an effort to get photos of us as a group of three whenever we can. It's crazy how quickly Marshall is growing, and I feel like I could never have enough photos.

Scout is adjusting to Marshall in the high chair.

Today Marshall grabbed an orange slice out of my hand and starting sucking on it. So there's that little development. I just started reading this book to see if baby-led weaning is something we want to try with Marshall. Seems fun and easy and right up our alley.

Speaking of food, can you believe Thanksgiving is only two weeks away? Terry is super excited for this stuffing recipe, which I have to agree is pretty amazing. I am excited for all sorts of reasons, not the least of which is celebrating Marshall's first holiday season!

Some other items of catch-up, since this week turned out to be something of a bust:

I'm really excited to attend a La Leche League meeting tomorrow! Our local MOMS Club invited all the infant moms to attend, so I'm going to check it out. Even though breastfeeding is going well, I'm excited to learn more about what to expect as Marshall starts solid foods and continues growing.

Tomorrow our power will be shut down for most of the day for some sort of maintenance. Luckily, Terry is off work tomorrow (woo hoo!), so we're going to spend most of the day out and about. After the LLL meeting we'll go out to lunch and then probably run some errands, all with the little guy in tow. I'm actually looking forward to a little family day.

It's National Adoption month, and I loved this post from Brittany about how adoption wasn't a fall back plan for her family. Also, these photos of families coming home together are truly beautiful.

Terry is starting to listen to Serial. I heard about it on A Cup of Jo, and it sounds fascinating, but I'm not sure a crime investigation is the best idea for my already-overactive mind.

I made these blondies yesterday, but I melted the butter instead of bringing it to room temperature, and it was magical.

Do you listen to any podcasts? It sounds like something cool people do, but I have never gotten into any. I love books on tape (CD), though!

Happy Friday to you! Hope it's a wonderful weekend.

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  1. Oh no I hope you feel better soon! Being sick on the holidays is the worst!