Monday, November 17, 2014

Ugly Monday

Monday morning reared its ugly head today and made me wish I could clone myself. Mostly so that my clone could just follow me around cleaning up spit up and/or holding Marshall when he spits up on me.

It was that kind of a day. The kind where I found myself thinking over and over, "Okay, there can't possibly be anymore spit up, right?" After he spat up the normal amount (politely, while I held him unceremoniously over a sink and burped him, as we always do), he just kept going. On the floor, on my sweatshirt, on him, on my t-shirt, on the bed, on him again, on the play mat, in the crib... 

Old picture, but you get it.

I know that we got a pretty easy baby, all things considered, so I really do try hard not to complain about little things, but the spit up, as you can see, drives me up the wall sometimes. 

Moving on to more positive stuff! We enjoyed a lovely, long weekend together. Terry was able to stay home with us on Friday, and since we had a planned power outage in our building, we decided to spend a good chunk of the day out and about. 

First up: the La Leche League meeting! Terry dropped Marshall and me off and headed out to a coffee shop. I got to meet about eight other women in various stages of motherhood: a woman pregnant (with twins!), a new mom of a three week old, a new mom of a five week old, a mother of three (ages 10 months, two years, and five years), another mother of three (the youngest was three months), and three LLL leaders, who are all also mothers. Whew! Quite the range, which was so helpful. The meeting was a wonderful, easygoing opportunity to share concerns, ask questions, provide insight to others, seek and give advice, and gain a sense of community and support in breastfeeding. I am looking forward to writing another breastfeeding update, so I'll write more in depth there, but if you are a breastfeeding mother (or pregnant and hoping to nurse), I highly recommend finding your local LLL meeting

Then we went out to lunch, and I tried pho for the first time. Well, really, I ate pan-friend noodles with shrimp and chicken, but it was still a new restaurant. We also walked around a mall for a bit before heading home to our dark apartment and waiting for power to come back on. 

Saturday we took our time getting up and out and enjoyed a long walk in Palos Verdes, relaxed at home, and then checked out a local brewery. Nice little day.

Also, I'm putting together a little tutorial on how to look like a total goober while taking a photo. Here's a preview:

Terry fails at looking like a goober.

I think my weekend highlight was ordering Christmas stockings on Saturday night! We realized we would need to get Marshall a stocking and decided to go for a family set. We ordered them here on Etsy, and I'll be sure to take a photo when we get them! (Spoiler alert: I did not get the fish one.) I'm so excited to start some new traditions with Marshall and combine some of our childhood traditions as well.

Sunday morning we had Jenn and Justin over for brunch (I made a frittata and roasted potatoes--super simple), 

and then we ventured out to West LA for dinner at a friend's house. She made this pie (as well as homemade pasta and pumpkin cupcakes), and I feel like I need to make it myself sometime soon. Quite the weekend!

Oh, here's another highlight: 

I love how Marshall's tiny hand is on Terry's shoulder.

My parents will be in town the rest of the week! I'm thrilled to get to see them and give them a little time with Marshall. 

Here's a quick little core workout for you if you have a stability ball:

5 Ball V-Passes (don't allow feet or ball to touch the ground!)

30 sec to 60 sec Plank (choose feet on ball or elbows on ball)

Repeat the whole thing four times, resting as needed. 

How was your weekend? 

Are you starting to get ready for the holidays? I've planned out the Thanksgiving menu and ordered our stockings and a few gifts, but Terry doesn't allow Christmas stuff until after Thanksgiving. :-)

What's your favorite core exercise? I love a good ball crunch. 

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  1. I love that last picture of Terry and Marshall! So cute!

    I hope things get better on the spit up front!