Monday, November 24, 2014

Tuesday Tangents

Happy Tuesday! I hope your Thanksgiving week is off to a great start. Thanks to very little sleep and a long day, my mind is a jumble of nonsense, so I thought I'd just roll with it and write a Tuesday Tangents post.

My dad called today to inform me he was disappointed in my reporting skills because I failed to mention a few details of their visit last week. I told him I'd happily hire him to edit my posts, so we'll see if things become more accurate around here. Anyway, I never mentioned that my parents, Marshall, and I took a little walk around Palos Verdes and ended up getting to watch the Coast Guard perform some impressive rescue drills. (At first we thought they were actually rescuing someone, so I was relieved to discover that it was just a drill.)

See the guy dangling from the helicopter? 


I'm sure I left out other stuff about my parents' visit--we had dinner out one night, Marshall slept a ton, Terry worked a lot--but overall it was a fun, quick visit. We're already excited for a few days up north to celebrate Christmas next month.

The weather has taken a turn around So Cal, and it's still pretty warm but also painfully dry. My skin is uncomfortably dry and I'm a static machine. Some rain would be a welcome change for the holidays!

My little family is currently in San Diego for a quick trip for Terry's work. That's why we woke up at 5 am to drive down here and part of why I'm so tired. I hope a good night of sleep will energize me for the rest of the week, because it's a big one and I'd rather not be a total zombie. 

Despite the exhaustion, Marshall and I had a nice time today while Terry worked--some naps (for him), a little walk and play time at the park, 

and dinner with Dad. Usually Terry has to work through dinner when we're down here, so it was an awesome surprise that he was able to join us for a meal! Tomorrow's plans include a mother-son breakfast outing, a hotel room workout, and a stop at HomeGoods in search of some good cloth napkins for Thanksgiving. We're getting wild around here, folks.

Today in our hotel room Marshall took a nap and I turned on the TV. I decided it was fate that no channels had any connection--except the Food Network and HGTV. I got to watch a full half-hour of Ina cooking Thanksgiving foods, and I was in heaven.

I'm really not asking for much for Christmas this year--our families and friends were beyond generous this year as they welcomed Marshall and made sure we were comfortable as new parents--but that doesn't mean I haven't taken a peek at all the fun gift ideas out there. I think my Christmas list would include almost all cookbooks, including Ina's new book, Make It Ahead, the 100 Days of Real Food Cookbook, Cook's Illustrated Science of Good Cooking, and probably twelve others. I love cookbooks.

Marshall turned six months old yesterday! I'll have his six-month post up this week, but I'm absolutely stunned at how fast half a year flew. I guess all those people who have told us, "It goes so fast!" were on to something. 

Jenn and I discussed today how we've been feeling less than motivated to work out lately. What is it about the holiday season that does that to a person? Janae talked about getting motivated to run in her post today, so maybe that will help some of us. For me, lately it's all about something quick and (usually) indoors, like my little burpee workout the other day or just grabbing some dumbbells and letting the magic happen (that's what I call it when I get 15 consecutive minutes to lift weights).

Marshall seems to have lost his sensitivity to dairy. Which means I can eat ice cream again. Which is incredible news but also something I need to keep an eye on given my previous paragraph.

Off to bed with me! Have a great day!

What's the weather like where you are? I keep reading other blogs claiming it's "warm" (low-50s), and I'm a little jealous.

What motivates you to work out during the winter? I'm off to a slow start, but there's always time to turn it around!

What's on your holiday wish list? A white Christmas? World peace? New Uggs?


  1. An improved, but still rather sketchy summary of your parental unit's visit.

  2. Yay for being able to eat dairy again! That's huge!