Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Back from the Bay

We arrived home late last night, so I chose sleep over blogging as I so often do these days. We had a wonderful, somewhat longer than usual trip to the Bay Area this weekend, filled with family time and even a date.

Marshall slept three hours on our trip up, and I read about 75% of my book. It was practically a vacation.

Friday evening we visited with our close family friends, and Friday night, we got to spend time with our friends Fay and David, who came over for dinner at my parents' house. We talked, drank delicious wine, ate tasty food, and enjoyed a great time together. I'm so glad they live on the West Coast now!

On Saturday we took a long walk around the neighborhood (about four miles) and then headed out for the long drive to Portola Valley. This area is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been; my great aunt and uncle own a lovely home there. They hosted the memorial service for their daughter, my dad's cousin. The service was touching, funny, and sweet, truly a perfect way to remember Weezie. We also loved visiting with my extended family--aunts, uncles, cousins, friends. Marshall got to see many of his relatives for the first time!

On Sunday, my parents offered to watch Marshall while Terry and I went out for lunch together. We couldn't remember the last time we went out for a date, so it was way overdue, and we had a fantastic time chatting and devouring half a pizza.

And then my brother and Ashley came!

Check out this chair my mom got Marshall. Have you ever seen anything funnier?

We had another fun night enjoying steaks, mushrooms, onions, green beans, and tortellini before calling it a night and struggling through a tough night of sleep with Marshall. Luckily, we woke up feeling well enough to squeeze in a jog the next day, and then we even forced ourselves to do some planks. And then we were back on the road!

Scout hid his misery well.

And actually cuddled with the baby! I know one day they'll be buddies. Marshall is slowly learning to pet the cat gently. 

As I mentioned, we arrived home late last night, and now the week is in full swing. We had Shepherd's pie tonight to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, and we discussed all sorts of different versions of the dish we want to try in the future. I also bought a bag of Sea Salt Caramel Butterscotch something-or-others from Trader Joe's, and we practically finished the bag in half an hour. I recommend freezing them if you get the chance. Or just eat them on your way home from the store. Whatever.

Okay, off to bed in hopes of another good night of sleep with the little dude (he slept through the night last night!). Hope you have a great day!


  1. I have a Shepherd's Pie recipe for you that includes Wild Boar and Cauliflower!! :)

  2. ((whispers)) hope you slept GREAT last night and he did too.
    I miss the BAY
    I need to run away and visit the bay :-)