Sunday, March 8, 2015

Weekend and Week Start

We had an awesome weekend over here! We kicked things off with a healthy dinner Friday night: fish (we have been buying some pre-seasoned filets at Whole Foods, and then I just cook them in a pan with olive oil and butter), peas, and baked sweet potato. That little piece on the side was for Marshall, but he ended up eating way more than that!

Friday we also booked our hotel for Hawaii! Terry, my parents, and I will be attending my college roommate's wedding there in June, and my brother and his wife are going to join us for a full family vacation! Three months until we go!

On Saturday we took a long family walk near our house (over three miles! hooray for getting in some exercise!) despite the crazy heat. Then Marshall stayed home with family while Terry and I headed up to UCLA for our Orientation Staff Reunion. 

That view never gets old.

The reunion brought together over 25 years of Orientation Staff members. I was on staff from 2005 to 2007, and Terry was 2006 to 2008 (we met the summer of 2006). I met some of my very best friends on staff, and our bosses are still some of the people I trust and respect most. It was wonderful to catch up with old friends, spend time out of the house, and enjoy our night out with amazing people.

(The wine and beer were a hit!)

Note to self: Perhaps the one night we stay out until 12:30 am should NOT be the night of Daylight Savings Time. Let's just say we were moving a liiiiiittle slowly this morning. Still, we managed to make a delicious family breakfast (eggs, homemade bread from yesterday, and a pear), and after Marshall's morning nap we headed out for some much-needed fresh air.

We stopped at Trader Joe's for some picnic supplies and brought the goodies to a park. It's funny; under normal circumstances Marshall will want to crawl around as soon as we put him down, but if we have food out he'll sit still and just wait for us to hand him pieces of whatever we're eating.

And of course, more play time at home.

We ended the weekend with some quiet time on the couch. This week will be a bit odd; Terry needs to go to San Diego for work for a few days so my mom is coming down to visit and help me out with Marshall. Then at the end of the week we all head up north to my parents' house for the weekend. Busy, lots of travel, and lots of family time!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend like we did!


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