Sunday, March 22, 2015

Mom's Day Out

Happy Monday, and happy Spring! Also, happy Sweet Sixteen to the Bruins, along with two other Pac 12 teams!

Speaking of Bruins, today I had the privilege of heading back to my alma mater to help read applications for alumni scholarships.

I got to chat with friends, meet some new people, and read a bunch of applications from truly outstanding new Bruins. Oh, and Marshall stayed home with Daddy! So I got almost the entire day on my own, which was really a treat. I spent about eight hours away from my little boy, and we all did great. In fact, when I came home, Marshall smiled at me, crawled toward me, and then went to pet Scout instead. Ah, motherhood.

To take full advantage of my day away, Jenn and I went out to lunch to catch up without a baby in tow. We had fun chatting about anything and everything without a schedule to interrupt. I truly appreciated those two hours of girl talk--and I need to do that more often!

Once home, of course, I dove right into the mom role again, pumping a few bottles for Marshall to replenish what he drank while I was out (we still have lots stocked up in hopes of still offering breastmilk even after he weans for a bit), washing and sterilizing bottles and pump parts, playing with the little guy, and listening to Terry's tales from his day. They had a lot of fun--a walk by the beach, a new park, and plenty of reading and playing at home. I'm so thankful to my husband for being willing to take over baby duties to give me a full day off.

The rest of our weekend was a mellow one, watching the Bruins win, tackling a few chores (Marshall's infant/toddler car seat is now installed--no more newborn/infant car seat!), watching more Once Upon a Time (I convinced Terry to catch up and watch with me, and he's enjoying it too!).

I just finished a lower body workout tonight that left me nice and sweaty:

  • squats (20)
  • side lunge right, right lunge, two lunge jumps; repeat left (10)
  • squats (20)
  • curtsy lunges (15 per side) + 15 pulses on the last one
  • speed skaters (30)
  • squats (20)
  • hip abductors (standing) (15 per side) + 15 pulses on the last one
  • plie squat jumps (30)
  • squats (20)
Plus a two-minute elbow plank and one minute elbow plank on each side. Helloooooo sore legs! Sometimes I love these workouts where I only do one set of each exercise (except the squats, in this case). I think I use better form and push myself a little harder knowing that it's my only set.

This week looks like a relaxing one. Terry has a flag football game tomorrow night with his coworkers, so Marshall and I will be on our own for bedtime. We have the usual My Gym classes and swim lesson, and I'm planning to get outside to take advantage of this not-too-hot weather (while it lasts!). 

Off to watch the rest of our Once Upon a Time episode before heading to bed. Hope your week (and Spring!) are off to a great start.

What's the weather like where you are? I hear the East Coast is pretending it's still winter, while we're over here about to head into summer. Where are the seasons?!

What's your current favorite show? Once Upon a Time is a fun one, but my current favorite is The Middle! 

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  1. IM SO SO SO SMITTTTTED with Nashville.
    which surprises even me :-) but it's simply TRASHtastic.