Thursday, March 5, 2015

Miscellaneous Phone Photos

Another fun week nears its end, and I'm very ready for the weekend! I thought I'd share a few recent photos from my phone before heading into Friday.

But first, today is my brother's birthday! We're going to celebrate next weekend when we go up north to visit my family (we will also be attending a memorial service, but we're looking forward to lots of family time), and I can't wait to see the birthday boy with his nephew! Happy birthday, Chris!

Okay, random photos:

I declared February "Take Care of Me" Month, and then all I did about it was color my hair. Mostly to cover greys. But I am really trying to take a more eco-friendly (not to mention healthier) approach to all my skincare and general cosmetics. So I researched eco-friendly options (non-toxic, etc.), and EcoColors hair color got good reviews, so I bought a box. Medium Brown, in case you're wondering. It took longer than other at-home color I've used (45 minutes of waiting time once it's applied), but it turned out really nicely, and now I don't feel so old when I look in the mirror. (Hooray for you if you are of the belief that we should all embrace our grey hair. You rock. I, however, am not.)

We're loving our My Gym classes! Sometimes Marshall giggles through the whole class and just gets SO excited as he crawls around and tries new tricks. Other times, like today, he kind of hangs back, watches everyone else, and sticks closer to me. Either way, we have a good time. In this photo, he is far from me and about to crawl toward me with vigor.

Sometimes he does stuff I can't explain.

Earlier this week we had a nice little thunderstorm! In fact, the only clap of thunder shook our apartment! I got a little nervous. But then the sun came out, and the skies were completely blue, but it was still pouring. Weird, right?

My new phone background:

I got excited to see that Costco now carries two Honest Company products: shampoo/body wash (vanilla orange scent and now what we use for ourselves and for Marshall) plus healing balm! I LOVE their healing balm. We use it for diaper rash but also in place of Neosporin. It works like a charm.

Some other miscellaneous facts:

Last night I cooked two meals at once--sweet potato nachos and stewed lentils and tomatoes. I was taking advantage of the fact that Terry was working from home. Then I stored the lentils dish and brought some of it over to Jenn's today for lunch. It was so fun to chat with her a bit and let Marshall say hi to his Aunt Jenny.

This weekend we have our big night out for our staff reunion. I'm excited, but events like these make the weekends go SO fast! I hope we can savor the two days and enjoy it, even though it'll be short.

Workouts have been all but nonexistent lately. A walk here, a quick core strength session there. I want to get into more of a routine, so I'm trying to figure out a good weekly schedule that we can try to stick to as a family. I'll be sure to share when we figure out what it'll look like.

Okay, off to bed! Hooray for Friday and the weekend! Remember to set your clocks forward Saturday night...


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