Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Mom's in Town!

Happy Tuesday to you! Has this week been dragging? I feel like it should be Thursday. Let's move things along here!

Marshall has been practicing his Blue Steel look, according to my brother. 

He hates diaper changes now, but if I give him a dry cloth wipe to play with, I'm suddenly his favorite person and he's never had more fun. Obviously.

This week I realized we've almost been in our apartment for a year. I wasn't sure how to feel about it, so I decided to redecorate a little. Then I spotted an area rug that actually caught my eye months ago--and it was on clearance! Half off, baby! So I snagged it and then moved our other area rug to the den/fireplace/spare area. Scout approved of my decision.

Marshall tested out the new rug--yep, he's a standing man! Today he stood up in his crib and at the coffee table, and I'm just waiting for the day when we will have a walker...

Luckily, he's not in too much of a hurry to get anywhere.

My mom is in town for a few nights while Terry is away for work. I'm SO grateful my mom (and dad, usually) is able to visit often and, in this case, stay over with me so I'm not alone overnight. At our old apartment, I stayed for weeks by myself when Terry traveled, but now I'm struggling to feel as comfortable here. So it's nice to have Mom here so I can get some good sleep while Terry is away.

Today Marshall and I took a walk, went to My Gym, had lunch with my mom and Terry, and then spent the evening at home all together. My mom suggested ravioli for dinner, so we grabbed two types from Trader Joe's and tasted both (butternut squash and arugula). Delicious! Also, that kid was tuckered out by the time he went to sleep, so I'm hoping for a good stretch before he wakes up in the morning!

Tomorrow's plans include another walk, some yoga, a bit of shopping, and plenty of play time with the kiddo. 

Oh, by the way, as you might know, I'm completely in love with the blog A Cup of Jo, which my friend Fay told me about, and Joanna clearly reads my blog (in my wildest imagination), because I talked about my grey hair the other day and then she posted about grey hair today (but much more poignantly, of course). I am of the opinion that grey hair looks so beautiful on some people, and I do intend to embrace it one day, but I feel like 29 is a bit too early for me. Maybe in ten years. 

Where are you on the grey debate? (Ha! See what I did there?)

What are you doing right now? I'm sitting on my couch, feet on a pillow on the coffee table, watching New Girl while my mom searches for travel deals. Marshall just cried for about two seconds and then went back to sleep, so I'm also silently hoping he will sleep well tonight!

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  1. Ha! I immediately thought of you when I saw her post! I thought-wow, great minds think alike! Excited to see you soon!!