Monday, March 23, 2015

Marshall: Ten Months

Ten months old! What a growing boy!

This month you got two more teeth and learned how to stand up! Yikes. Now you stand any chance you get and can pull up on almost anything. You also even took a few steps when the box you were standing against started moving. You acted like it was no big deal, but your parents thought otherwise.

You're still eating up everything you can, including one big handful of cat food when I wasn't watching closely enough. You didn't swallow it (I don't think), but you sure did get a taste! Otherwise, you eat everything we offer you and then demand (with gusto!) more and more and more. You scream if we don't keep adding food pieces to your plate, and I'm in BIG trouble if we get you into your high chair before your food is ready. (Let's hope you'll learn to wait patiently eventually.) You also learned this month that you can choose which foods you want to eat first. If we put multiple foods on your tray in small pieces, you eat what you like best first.

You're also still nursing about five times per day: usually around 5 am, 7 am, after each nap (you take two naps daily), and right before bed. You often sleep through the night (7:30 pm to 5 am), but there are plenty of nights where you wake up once or twice and need some help getting back to sleep.

You love: looking at, crawling toward, and trying to pet Scout; turning pages in board books, especially books with flaps; eating everything; pulling up to stand on everything; going on the swings; riding on Daddy's shoulders; talking (no words yet, but lots of babbling!); going to My Gym; playing peekaboo; swim lessons; bath time; and being chased around the ottoman in your room!

You aren't a huge fan of getting into your car seat, still, and you don't like getting cleaned up after meals. You also really hate when we walk away during meals--and you let us know by screaming about it! Otherwise you're still a pretty easygoing baby (thank you!). We have a rough day or rough patch here and there, but I think we're all getting better at handling those tough times.

I absolutely love this age. You seem to be learning so much, and we feel like you are right on the verge of talking. You seem to understand a lot about the world around you. I'm pretty sure you know cat and dog now. Also, last month you were pretty unwilling to hang out with new people, and this month is the opposite! Lots of smiles when new people are around, and you seem interested in cashiers, waiters, people walking by, and friends and family.

Some other random facts:

  • You LOVE the vacuum. You cry when we turn it OFF! And you chase after it while we try to vacuum. It's sort of dangerous. But adorable.
  • We used to be able to bring you into bed in the morning to snooze a little longer. Those days are done. :-( You are officially too energetic and eager to move! 
  • Diaper changes are an all-out battle now. You wrestle and kick and scream...thankfully a small toy or a game of peekaboo with a burp cloth helps!
  • You've really thinned out! Ever since starting to crawl, you've lost a lot of your newborn chub, and now you're looking even taller! 

We're so excited to watch you grow and learn, Marshall. Thank you for bringing such joy to our lives!

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