Saturday, March 14, 2015

Blogging from the Road

On the road again! Terry, Marshall, Scout, and I are all packed up in the car heading up to my parents' house in Northern California. True to form, we have an absolutely packed weekend planned, complete with dinner with friends, a celebration of life for my dad's cousin who passed away before the holidays, a visit to other friends, and lots of family time. These trips need to be longer, and then I need to plan a post-trip vacation to recover from all the activities and visits.

I wanted to blog last night, but I was beyond exhausted. Yesterday (Thursday) actually turned out to be a tough one, even with my mom visiting. Marshall woke up extra early and bit me several times while nursing, so I resorted to a bottle and then proceeded to get all emotional--"what if he keeps biting me and I can never breastfeed him again?!"--but thankfully he was fine during the next feeding (although he did bite me again later that day...). Then Scout threw up. Tough start for the day.

We enjoyed the rest of the morning with a fun breakfast of blueberries and oatmeal, some shopping at HomeGoods, and our My Gym class before saying goodbye to JanJan. Marshall gave me one more good nap before the day went back to misery...

We wanted to go out for a walk, but I found a spider on the roof of the car and tried to kill it but it slid down into the crack between the roof and the door and I couldn't find it and Marshall was crying so I gave up and wasn't going to drive or put Marshall in the backseat with a deadly beast so we went back inside. So of course I was all shaky (I have a consistently worsening fear of spiders, and I become virtually paralyzed, although I am convinced that I would be able to defeat a spider if it was near Marshall) and stressed, but I calmed myself down. But then we were stuck inside and Marshall was a clingy, whiny, unhappy mess for the next hour and a half. Somewhere in there I got word from Terry that he was just leaving San Diego at 5:30--so I was on my own for bedtime with M. Yikes.

Wah wah wah. I know, first world problems. And by the end of the evening, after I had cooked a healthy meal with whatever we had in the fridge (onions, carrots, celery, lentils, and chicken broth became a hearty soup), fed and bathed Marshall, and put the little guy to bed, I really felt proud of myself. I tend to get up in my head about being on my own (hence summoning my mother when Terry was out of town for two measly days), but I think we're all capable of more than we give ourselves credit for, and I should be more confident. I even got the house clean and dishes mostly done before Terry arrived home.

Still, I'd like to buy all the single mothers out there a well-deserved drink. (Since I can't, though -- I mean, logistics -- I'll just have a drink on behalf of all the single mothers. Cheers.)

And now it's Friday, basically the weekend, time to enjoy each other's company and get some exercise and maybe even sleep if Marshall's tooth will finally poke through. (I've become that mom who blames everything on teething, and I'm really going to run with that new identity.) Terry and I are hoping to sneak away for a lunch date this weekend, and Scout has plans to look out my parents' front window while hiding from my brother and sister-in-law's giant dogs. Should be a good time.

Here are a few links from around the interwebs if you're in need of some mindless entertainment. Have a wonderful weekend!

My favorite blogger's twin sister's husband passed away this week, and it turns out he is a famous doctor whose obiturary and work are incredibly inspiring. He had just become a father -- his daughter is younger than Marshall -- and I just wish I could give that family a big hug.

My friend Amanda sent me this book for Christmas, and it was perfect for getting me back into reading again. Now I am reading a few pages every night and even went to the library this week to grab two more books, Goodnight June by Sarah Jio (a fun author) and Le Divorce by Diane Johnson, which just seems like a fun read and takes place in Paris so of course I'm excited about it. Here are some other fun book ideas if you need ideas.

I love this post about "me" time. I agree. I always like the idea of time to myself, but it ends up being something like going grocery shopping or cleaning the house while Terry watches Marshall. It's not bad, it's just not exactly as glamorous as it sounds like it should be. Although we did receive gift cards to a spa for Christmas, and that would be some solid "me" time for sure!

20 reasons you don't want a Bernese Mountain Dog as a pet. My family dog growing up (age 10 to 18) was a Berner, and he was the world's most wonderful dog. My parents are hoping to get another soon(ish?), and I can't wait. Terry and I dream of getting a big dog someday, too, when we have a more dog-friendly living situation.

Okay, that's it for the day. Happy weekend!

What's on the agenda, folks? Any fun plans?
What's your favorite road trip stop? I love In-N-Out, but on Fridays during Lent we skip meat so we'll do Chipotle today!
Can you recommend a therapist/hypnotist for overcoming my fear of spiders?
Any good book recommendations?


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