Thursday, May 7, 2015

Gearing Up for a Busy Week Ahead

What a day! It's late, so I'm just popping in for a quick hello to post about this crazy day. It was a weird one for sure.

Having Terry home is a dream.

(Family trip to UCLA!)

He's so helpful around the house and with Marshall; if we weren't packing everything I'm not sure we'd know what to do with all the time we have! But as it is, we're keeping plenty busy with tons of small tasks like setting up electricity in our new place and figuring out all the places that need to know our new address.

But the other bonus of having Terry home is the extra sleeeeeeep! I slept in until 8 one day and took a 90-minute nap today. WHAT?! Also, it doesn't hurt that Marshall has taken some extra-long naps a few days. Terry got to sleep in one day and took a short nap another day, too. We're really making the most of his time at home to relax and enjoy family time.

This morning I headed out to visit with my parents while Terry spent the day with Marshall. It was really nice to spend time just me and the padres; normally all their attention is focused on Marshall (and rightly so; that kid is pretty cute if I do say so), but it was awesome to just chat with them and have an uninterrupted conversation. We walked about 5 miles in the process, too!

After I left my parents at their resort to enjoy some vacation time, I headed out to run a few child-free errands. Without my sidekick, I can jump in and out of the car without strapping Marshall in and out of his car seat, so I feel twice as quick. I stopped for groceries, a gift card, and a finger splint (apparently I hurt my finger this week, although I have no idea how; it just suddenly was a little sore and swollen), plus I popped into a few stores to ask if they give away boxes, all within about a half hour. Super speedy!

Then came lunch with the boys and Marshall's epic (two and a half hours!) nap, as well as my own snooze on the couch. We took the afternoon pretty easy and then I helped Terry with dinner for Marshall before heading out. Tonight was Jenn's surprise birthday dinner up in West LA, so I got to have a little solo time in the car (chatting with my sister-in-law) and had a nice time visiting with friends and celebrating the birthday girl. Happy birthday, Jenn! I made it home around 10:30, said hi to Terry, and typed up this post.

The next week or so is going to be a little insane, because it involves packing up the rest of our stuff, getting our new keys and walking through the new apartment, celebrating Mother's Day (x2!), celebrating our friends' daughter's birthday, hauling multiple car loads of boxes to our new place, and finally moving the big stuff over with movers. We are so thankful that my dad has volunteered not only his truck(!) but himself as well. He'll be staying with us a few days to help with errands, packing, and watching Marshall as needed. Also I'm thrilled not to be pregnant this time around and will be glad to actually get to lift and help with all the stuff! But please wish us luck in the process--moving is always a little stressful and tiring, even in the best of circumstances.

And now that this productive, fun day is done, I'm tired and ready for bed. Happy Friday to you! Enjoy the weekend and Happy Mother's Day!


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