Monday, May 25, 2015

Marshall's First Delta Trip

Happy Memorial Day to you! What an absolute privilege to live in this country; I am so thankful to those who have served, especially those who gave their lives fighting for our freedom.

This weekend we braved the Memorial Day weekend traffic (which wasn't too bad) to take Marshall to the delta for his first visit. We learned a few lessons along the way, like how difficult it is to fit six adults, one baby, and two large dogs in a (relatively) tiny house on an island. Thankfully, my family generously gave us the biggest room so we could fit Marshall's Joovy and all three sleep together. But still, that many living creatures in one small place was a challenge!

Another lesson: Babies are adorable, albeit rather constrained and likely uncomfortable, in life vests. 

(We scored an infant AND toddler life vest at a consignment sale earlier this year, and I'm so thankful. They can get REALLY expensive! I highly recommend gently used life jackets--IF they are up to date with Coast Guard standards. Remember: All babies must wear vests in a boat! Safety first. :-)

Terry took Marshall into and near the water as much as possible this weekend. After several months of swim lessons (which are currently on hiatus because we moved far from the swim school), water time has really become a father-son activity for them, and it's such a joy for me to watch them play in the water together!

Here they are on a paddle board. Marshall loved to hold on to the paddle.

Marshall's official first birthday was Saturday (yes, the official one-year post is on the way, but we've been a little busy!). He had a (whole!) cupcake at his birthday party, but we opted for simple strawberries and homemade whipped cream this time around. He mostly just played with the whipped cream.

And we enjoyed a boat ride every day! Marshall got to watch his daddy, his grandma (JanJan), and his momma ski. Marshall loooooooved the boat. Lots of giggling when the wind hit him, plus he enjoyed holding the flag.

Oh, and driving.

My mom bought Marshall a little swimming pool to use on land, and she filled it with those balls you see in a ball pit. He loved it!

Good thing we had Marshall around to help us enjoy the little things, because it was SUPER windy most of the time we were there. We did attempt two ski runs, but they were less than awesome, and our time sitting outside was pretty limited because it was just too cold or blustery. Still, the delta is always relaxing, whether indoors or out, and we have some fun people to hang out with up there. 

Naturally, we also enjoyed some down time (Marshall zonked out for some looooong naps each day, so Terry and I got to read, talk with other adults, and just breathe for a bit), delicious food (grilled chicken and ribs were my favorite!), yummy drinks, and enough outdoor time to kick off the summer. We had intentions of exercising more, but we opted for two long walks the first day and a few ski runs and called it a win. 

This morning we woke up bright and early (I need to speak with my son about how 5:05 is actually not an appropriate time to wake up) and hit the road by 9:15 to attempt to beat traffic. It worked! We made it back to LA by 2:45, and Marshall even napped twice in the car. (As you might guess, he seems pretty tuckered out from his big weekend!)

This evening, we unpacked a little, strategized about how we're going to go about switching Marshall's room and our room (this week's big project), and took a long walk to get dinner. Not a bad way to end the weekend at all.

I hope your weekend was fun, relaxing, productive, or a mix of the three. Happy Memorial Day!


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