Monday, May 18, 2015

Settling In

Well, we're all moved in, Marshall's first birthday party is over, and we're already packing for Memorial Day weekend. Talk about a crazy week (or two, or three...)!

I'll do a little recap of Marshall's birthday party once I get photos from my dad, but I still wanted to stop in to share a little about the move. I mentioned previously that my dad came down to help last Monday (he's been here over a week now!), and I cannot say enough about how helpful he was. One morning he woke up at 5 am with Marshall to let me and Terry get a little more sleep; he patched all the holes in the walls from the hangings in our old apartment; he has run to the hardware store countless times to ensure we have everything we need for the new place. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Dad!

Our new place is quickly becoming more and more like home. My mom joined us in LA on Thursday, so we had even more help with watching Marshall, unpacking boxes, and making the transition. At this point, we're about 83% unpacked! Not bad for five days in the new place, and there's no way we could have done it without all the help (shocking: an eleven-month-old makes unpacking slightly more difficult). Bonus: My parents offered to put Marshall to bed last night so Terry and I could go out for dinner! First date night in what felt like forever (a lot of our outings lately have been events or parties, so it was lovely to go out just the two of us).

Some scenes from the week:

Scout loves and hates moving. He can't help but hop on all the boxes, but he can't stand the chaos and the adjustment period. He cowered in the corner of the bathroom the entire time the movers were there.

Our close friend--Jenn's mom--is an aspiring photographer and offered to take Marshall's one year photos. This photo is from Terry's phone, but the images we've seen are AMAZING!!!

Getting settled...

(The towels on the floor are protecting the carpet because of course it rained on moving day...but hooray for rain! We need it!)

Huge flub on our part: After moving in, we started realizing that maybe our bedroom (the "master") would be better for Marshall. It's tucked back away from all the noise of the kitchen and the TV, and it gets darker than the room we originally chose for Marshall. Unfortunately, that means we have to find a day or two to break down and move all the furniture again and rearrange everything. Oops.

Our first dinner in our new place (I went with steak tacos). Now we've finally unpacked our kitchen, and it's awesome to have a gas stove/oven again! Tonight we made our first homemade meal here: salad with (previously cooked and frozen) ground beef with Italian sausage, roasted sweet potatoes, cheese, black beans, plain Greek yogurt, and salsa. 

First photo in the new place!

We only lived in our last apartment for about 14 months, but we will always, always remember it as Marshall's first home. The place fills me with a million emotions (we won't officially give up the keys until the end of the month), and I am surprised to find myself a little sad to say goodbye.

As always, though, home is where my boys are.

(Terry and Marshall enjoyed their last swim lesson...for now. We'll find a new place closer to our new home soon!)

We attended a baptism and a gender reveal party this week! The theme for the latter was "Bikini or Board Shorts?" (how cute is that?), and...board shorts it is!

Boys are fun. :-) I sort of suspected I would have a boy at some point, and I'm loving every minute so far!

The rest of the week promises to be insane, too. We're spending Memorial Day waterskiing with my family (Marshall has a life vest; I can't contain my excitement), and we're also celebrating his actual first birthday on Saturday. Prepare for a super emotional post in the near future, which I shall write while openly weeping. How is he already one?! 

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  1. Congrats on your move and the big milestone first birthday! your son is absolutely adorable!