Tuesday, May 12, 2015

This Move is Sponsored By...

This move is sponsored by...

RiteAid, for providing dozens of boxes without any notice. I walked in after calling multiple stores and stopping in a few other places, and the ladies at RiteAid took me to the back of the store so I could choose as many boxes as I wanted! Hooray for free boxes!

Chipotle and Burger City Grill, for providing much-needed sustenance today when we had already packed up the kitchen. Bonus points to both restaurants for offering online/text ordering (Chipotle's app is amazing!) so we could grab and go!

Our rental agent, for providing the keys to the apartment a WEEK early. I cannot tell you what a huge help it was to bring three loads of boxes up to the new place before we were even supposed to get in there.

Marshall likes the new kitchen!

...almost as much as Terry and I love the new LAUNDRY ROOM!

My dad, for offering (insisting) to drive down and stay the week with us. He's been a HUGE help with watching Marshall so we could pack, helping load boxes into the car and the new place, and helping us assess things we might need to do or buy as we transition. Today my dad and I sat in the car carting two loads of boxes up to the new place, fighting traffic all four times. And then he thanked me for letting him help us! Hell of a guy.

My husband, for not complaining that his two weeks off for bonding time/paternity leave with Marshall has become a moving/packing/loading extravaganza. I'm doing my very best to ensure that he and Marshall get to enjoy lots of time together, but I know it's not the way he saw these two weeks going. Today, though, they were together from sun up to sun down--hanging out at home, going to MyGym, eating three meals together, going to swim lessons. Terry took care of lunch and dinner for M and totally rocked the stay-at-home dad thing. No surprise, but I was giddy to see the two of them enjoying such a great day together.

(By the way, this is how moving happens with a baby.)

Terry is also working hard with Marshall to teach him how to use a spoon on his own. Today he managed several scoops and bites by himself! Way to go, Marshall!

I'm really hoping Friday will be a family day for the three of us, but we'll see if that ends up being the case. It's naturally going to be hectic with the move and trying to get organized for Marshall's birthday party, but I hope we can find some time to celebrate the fact that my awesome husband took time off work to hang out with his kid--that's not always possible in a lot of jobs, and it certainly wasn't easy for Terry to arrange, but I'm thrilled he did it! (Huge props to his boss and team at work for supporting family/work/life balance!)

Okay, today was a long day and tomorrow promises more of the same. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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    Im the QUEEN of moving these days and it's amazing how resilient the little people are.