Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Getting Cozy

Heeeeeey friends. I hope your week is moving along swimmingly. My parents headed out this morning, but not before spending one more hour with their grandson. Marshall is so spoiled when any of his grandparents plays with him. This weekend he gets even more time with them!

Terry headed back to work yesterday (Monday) after two weeks off for paternity leave/family bonding. It was a wonderful--albeit hectic--two weeks, and we really tried to take advantage of the time. I had hoped to make it out to Getty Villa (one spot in LA we haven't been but have always hoped to go), but now that we live less than 30 minutes away we can definitely make that happen this summer.

Speaking of where we live, I'm getting more and more comfortable here. In fact, I dozed off on the couch last night before Terry made it home from his (championship!) football game. Normally when I'm home alone (or with just Marshall), I'm a little on edge, conscious of the fact that I'm without my studly and intimidating husband. But I guess I already feel pretty cozy here!

Here are some things I love so far about our apartment:

  • We have a single-car garage (not attached to our unit, but still). We have already stored TONS of stuff in there, and there's plenty of room for more. In fact, half of our couch is in there right now because we decided to configure our living room in a way that doesn't fit the entire sectional.
  • The noise! Oddly, I grew quite accustomed to lots and lots of noise over the last ten years. Sirens, car alarms, dogs barking, traffic, helicopters...I guess I'm a city girl, because those sounds have become comforting. Our last place was pretty quiet (with the exception of some noisy neighbors), so every unfamiliar sound made me jump!
  • The laundry room and (high efficiency!) washer and dryer! Obviously.
  • The feel. This place is old and lived-in and super cozy. It has some silly character to it, like these hideous light fixtures and a door that kind of sticks when you try to open it and creaky floors. But it feels like home already.
  • The neighborhood! We're very near where we used to live, and walking distance to some of our favorite places and restaurants. Plus we're a very short drive away from some of our best friends (especially compared to where we used to be, which added at least 45 minutes!). I am already so excited to spend more time with them and ensure that Marshall knows that these friends are truly family! Bonus: Terry's commute is shorter, so we get more time with Daddy!
Clearly Scout is struggling with his adjustment.

(He's glaring at the baby in this photo, but he really is happy.)

Today I did some important things like figuring out how many walking lunges I can do in a straight line in our new place. Verdict: 6. 

Our kitchen has a huge empty space between the stove and a wall, and I need more counter space, so we're going to buy an island cart. Not this one, because it's insanely expensive. But something. And it's gotta happen soon, because even just cooking two meals in there has been a struggle with space!

But as long as this little guy is happy, I'm happy. 

Tomorrow is a normal day, no My Gym classes or anything, so I'm excited to see how Marshall and I spend our time! Definitely a walk, maybe a trip to Santa Monica for the farmers' market...who knows? 

Hope you have a lovely night!

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  1. For what it's worth, we've had this one for almost six months:
    It was a really solid investment, and I'd highly recommend it! We got it after returning a much flimsier one that we bought originally that came from Target. I can't imagine our kitchen without the added space, the butcher block top is great, and so far it's been really sturdy.