Sunday, November 6, 2011

Things I Love about Our Kitchen

While Terry was at work today, I had some time alone to clean, bake, and, apparently, reflect on how much I love our kitchen. We chose this apartment because of the "large" (by LA standards) kitchen and open floor plan, which has completely changed the way I cook and the way Terry and I spend time together. We're able to talk while I cook or while he does dishes. And I can watch TV while I'm in the kitchen, which is awesome! 

Here are some more things I've grown to love about our kitchen:

Our message board, which currently holds Tina Fey's "Rules for Improvisation" from Bossypants (and which, in my infinite English-major wisdom, I have applied to marriage). You'll notice it also holds our current "scores" for sit ups. I'm winning, though I may or may not have exaggerated my total. And Go Bruins. Always.

All the bright colors.

Our "Olive" cutting board that we got on our trip to Denver, and our salt and pepper shakers, which spice up almost everything I make.

The way Scout "asks" for his food at night. ("Pretty please?")

Our vintage UCLA calendar.

Our breakfast bar, and our "Heinrich, est. 2011" kitchen towels, a wedding gift from some great friends.

Mostly, the fact that this room is where we create delicious meals together. I have so much fun even after dinner, when Terry is doing dishes and I'm packing up lunch for the next day. Even in our tiny kitchen, we've already made so many memories!


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