Thursday, March 22, 2012

5 Mile HIIT

Happy Thursday! I promise this post will be much more upbeat than last night's, because today was a much better day. I got to sleep by 10 last night and let myself sleep in (while being attacked by the kitten) until almost 6. Rest makes a world of difference! While the day still had its snags, I felt much calmer and more in control of my stress.

I tried to cancel this afternoon's hair appointment, but their cancellation policy would have cost me dearly, so I just moved the time up to 4:00 and sped drove safely but efficiently over as soon as work was out. I really like "my" hair salon, but the haircut (just a cut - no color) took over an hour and a half. It was nice to sit in a chair and chat and not do much of anything, but that was a long time to be there.

Why was I so excited to get home? I had a big ol' cardio workout waiting for me! Terry joined the fun for this intense HIIT workout, similar to this one that I never did.

Whew! We were dying! I got hungry (surprised?) about halfway through; plus, some girl came in and closed the door to our tiny gym, so we were hot and couldn't breathe. Always a good combination. Anyway, it was a great workout, and Terry even one-upped me by staying at 80 sec @ 8.0/40 sec @ 6.5 the entire time. I just needed a little break toward the end and was glad that I took it. Otherwise, the running was super tough but manageable, and we both felt great about running 5 miles at such a fast pace.

Dinner tonight was what I shall call Use Every Vegetable Possible and Make Enough for Leftovers. A fitting name, indeed! It was essentially my Mexican Stir-Fry, served in a whole wheat tortilla and a little pepper jack cheese.

It started off well...

But ended up more like this.
The rest of the night has been dedicated to packing and cleaning before our trip tomorrow! Thankfully, we leave late at night, so we have some time tomorrow afternoon/evening to get a few more things done. I love traveling and actually don't mind packing, but I don't think I'm particularly good at it. I always forget something (in Hawaii I didn't have my glasses), and I either pack way too much or not quite enough.

While we're on vacation, BLWB won't be taking a break. I've lined up some posts for the week that should pop up nightly, so get excited! For now, we're off to bed to get ready for a busy (exciting!) day tomorrow!


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