Wednesday, March 7, 2012

WIAW and Countdown to Maui

The countdown has officially begun! We are leaving in T-minus 24 hours, and I have even received my super cool e-boarding pass. We usually fly Southwest, so this will be our first time using our phones to get through security!

We're even all packed up!

Today was crazy at work. But then, this entire year has been crazy. I feel like the days just fly by, which can be great sometimes, but when do I get to breathe and catch up? Summer, I suppose. So as I ran around today, I vaguely remembered that I'm actually supposed to take pictures of my food on Wednesdays. Here's what I ate:
Breakfast on the go


Afternoon snack #1

Afternoon snack #2

Dinner - vegetable burritos


Did you notice we added spinach to our smoothies? We have a bunch we're trying to use up before we leave tomorrow, and I've heard around the blogosphere that spinach in smoothies doesn't affect the taste. Absolutely true, and a great way to squeeze in my 5 fruits and vegetables! The rest of the day involved a lot of peanut-related items. Not shocking, but I could definitely mix it up more. And that veggie burrito was surprisingly delicious! Terry made the taco seasoning, and it tasted perfect.

Among all the cleaning-out-the-fridge-style eating today, I squeezed in a workout. Combining my half marathon training and my Best Body Bootcamp training is working out surprisingly well! Today, Hal Higdon wanted me to run 3 miles or cross train, and Tina suggested another awesome stabilization workout. To satisfy both, I tackled a hodgepodge of cardio (10 minutes elliptical, 10 minutes bike, 5 minutes incline walking) and then hit the stability ball and dumbbells. Tina's moves certainly got me laughing at myself; I giggled every time I fell over during the split squats. The cat found it pretty entertaining, too.

Alright, folks. Off to finish tidying up and get in some cuddles with the kitten before we leave him!

Wait, you're leaving?! PARTY!!!


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