Monday, March 5, 2012

Happy Birthday to My Brother!

That's right, folks, it's this guy's birthday!

Feeding ostriches in Aruba. You know, like usual.

More on that in a minute. I just want to quickly share with you a new adventure that's starting today!

Tina is running a program called Best Body Bootcamp, and I will be participating for the next eight weeks. The program focuses on different types of workouts, including stabilization and strength, and I can do it along with my half marathon training.

The program also requires those participating to create two goals for ourselves. Since I already aim to stretch 5 times per week and eat a green vegetable every day, I chose 1) eat 5 different fruits and vegetables every day and 2) go to sleep by 10:30 pm every night. The first could be anyone's goal - I think it's truly difficult to incorporate variety and quantity in our produce intake, but it's a good challenge. The other is because I feel a million times better going to sleep at 10:30 than I do at 11:00, so I need to write down this goal and make it public so I'm accountable.

The really cool thing about this bootcamp is that Tina collected a ton of sponsors! These brands will be providing giveaways to people who stay consistent in the challenge. I only wish I had signed up sooner and told you all about it so you could participate with me! But I have a strong feeling that Tina will be hosting another awesome bootcamp in the future, given the early success of this one. You can check out the sponsors here. So please root me on! If I win a prize, I'll share it with you tell you about it! I'll track most of my progress on Facebook and Twitter, so like/follow me there to get the scoop.

Happy Birthday, Chris!

My older brother, Chris, lives in Concord, California. He is only two years older than I am, so we grew up very close and still talk a lot on the phone, though we don't get to see each other nearly enough.

My favorite memories of my brother include playing Super Mario Brothers 3 on Saturday mornings,  playing the "Make Me Laugh" game (I always lost), and other ridiculous games we made up as kids, like "Skid Kid" where we slid down the hallway in our socks (into mattresses, I think?).

Chris is getting married this fall to his gorgeous fiancee, Ashley.

From our cruise in 2010

Our whole family loves Ashley, and we are so excited to officially be sisters!

Chris and Ashley have two handsome dogs, Achilles and Tango.
 Chris graduated from Chico State University and now works as a Project Manager/Estimator for a major construction company. I've always been jealous that my brother is good at everything he does - skiing, wake boarding, water skiing, sports - and now he's awesome at his job, too. Also, he's fantastic at grilling.

For the most part, my brother and I really couldn't be more different. We look nothing alike -

At my wedding last year

- and those who know us generally can't believe we're from the same parents. He's super laid back and can sleep anywhere; I don't know the meaning of the word relax and usually can't sleep well in my own bed. He's the fun-loving social butterfly, and I'm more serious (though I try not to be) and way less exciting. I was always a book worm; Chris prefers The Simpsons.

We do have a few weird sibling commonalities, though. We both always need to have the TV/radio volume at an increment of 0 or 5. We also both do this weird thing where, when we're driving, we click our teeth when our car aligns with markers on the side of the road, like lampposts. We also both love TV, but that's not super weird.

 Luckily, we get to see Chris and Ashley on Friday in Maui! My whole family will be there, and I can't wait.
This picture made me crack up. What are they looking at? Why so serious? 

Happy birthday, Chris! Love you! (Are you embarrassed?)

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  1. Very Sweet! I'm anxious for a Julie work-out in Maui!