Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ice Bath

How did Tuesday go for you? Did you make it through alright? Sometimes Tuesdays are tough at work because the students seem even more tired than Mondays, but today my kids kept me super energized. I got a LOT done at work, and I'm feeling like I might actually be organized and ready to go on Thursday evening!

Terry was actually home sick today, and he almost never stays home from work. I knew he must have been feeling badly when last night he said he was thinking about calling in sick. But I hope he gets better soon, and I hope he doesn't get me sick, because we are at T-minus two days to our departure for Maui! 

Since the Ter-meister was sick, I was on my own for running today, and I decided to tackle our training program's 4.5 miles on the treadmill. I mentioned yesterday that I'm participating in Tina's Best Body Bootcamp for the next 8 weeks. Yesterday focused on stabilization, which actually made me a little sore today. Today's assignment was cardio - perfect for my training schedule! 

All day, I dreamed about intervals. (Is that weird?) Perhaps because I knew Terry wouldn't be running with me (he hates treadmill running), I got myself all psyched up about a HIIT workout. It was going to be so good. Here was the plan:

Of course, change speeds to your fitness level.

Yeah, it was going to be beautiful and sweaty and exhausting. But here's how it really went down:
  • 0:00-6:00: "Hey, treadmill. I'm going to kick your ass today. Well, Britney Spears and I are, anyway."
  • 6:00-8:00: "Hmm...my knee's aching a little. Hopefully it just needs a good warm up."
  • 7:00-10:00: Stop to stretch/rub knee every minute or so. Guy on the next treadmill asks if I'm okay. "Yep, I'm good." Just, you know, watching my brilliant plan go down the drain.
  • 10:00: "Okay! All systems go! Knee feels warm and good! Hello, intervals!"
  • 18:00-30:00: "Hmm...my other knee is aching. FML." Keep pace at 6.5.
  • 30:00-44:00: "Still a little iffy. Okay, this sucks. So much for the awesome plan. Let's just try to get through 4.5 miles without hurting myself."
So that's what I did. I ran the rest of the way at 6.8 or so mph, bitter at my knees for ruining the potential awesomeness of my exciting new routine. But then, when I had finished, I couldn't help but feel great. Come on, 4.5 miles? Even without crazy intervals, that's pretty great! Setting goals is awesome, but not achieving them is okay, too. As I complained to Terry about my run, I realized that it could have been a lot worse; I could have actually injured myself or not worked out at all. So I got over myself and recited the following:
  • One intense workout is not worth getting hurt.
  • There will be other days, other runs, other opportunities to go hardcore.
  • I'm pushing my body in ways I haven't before, and I need to respect my own limits.
  • Listening to my body and honestly assessing my ability/comfort/well-being should always be my priority.
So then I jumped in an ice bath.

What?! Me, the girl who is chilly in 85-degree weather? Well, my friends Kellie and Rox, far more experienced runners than I, recommended soaking (clothes on) in an ice bath after long runs. I know today wasn't exactly long by comparison to some, but my body was obviously aching for some TLC. So I hopped slowly eased in, whining and shrieking the whole way. The cat thought I was crazy.

After just a few minutes, it actually felt pretty good! Apparently it will help reduce swelling and soreness and help my muscles recover faster. It felt best on my sore feet - particularly my surgery foot.

Scout's still a little skeptical, but I'm sold. 

Then again, he hangs out in bags, so who is he to judge?

One other exciting piece of news today:

BLWB business cards! Yeah, that's right, things are getting official around here. I ordered these cards because lately I've noticed lots of situations where people ask me about my blog in person, which is great. But scribbling the name of my blog on an old envelope is not exactly what I would call classy. Plus, it'll be great to have a more official way to keep in contact with folks I might meet at conferences or retreats. So my incredibly talented husband designed a phenomenal logo for the blog!

How amazing is that? And he did it all for free! Well, not for free. I mean, he does eat about 75% of the food I make around here. But still, I am so lucky to have such a wonderful husband/VP of Technological Affairs. We ordered the cards through Vista Print, the site that also made our wedding save the dates. The site allows you to upload your own designs, and you can order literally ANYTHING: wedding invitations, magnets, return address labels, keychains, mugs, t-shirts...all at a very reasonable price! Check them out next time you need personalized products!

Dinner tonight came courtesy of a little treat in the mail:

I know Michelle knows where this bad boy is from.

Chipotle! (With sick husband...poor thing.)

My choice: burrito bowl with brown rice, black beans, peppers, onions, mild salsa, guacamole, and LOTS of lettuce.

We hadn't been to Chipotle in awhile, but it's actually pretty easy to make healthy choices here. Plus, at buy one, get one free, we couldn't resist!

Lastly, I'd like to share a few fun reads for those needing a Wednesday morning pick-me-up:
I hope you have a brilliant Wednesday! 


  1. ah that ice bath made me feel cold just looking at it! i love that top--i have it in bra form :)

    1. I was FREEZING at first, right when I got in, but actually, I didn't shiver or anything. It's weird - I usually get super cold after I work out (within 3 minutes, I'm all goosebumpy and shivering), and this time I didn't! Go figure!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! I think Terry really did a great job! I'm so excited - feels much more official now. :-)

  3. Two things: Cool logo. Great to have a graphic designer in your life! I'm a designer and I'm trying to decide if I want to spend $150 on letterpress biz cards (I geek paper and printing) or if I just want to print them myself.

    And two: I LOVE ICE BATHS. And I'm not talking about the act of taking an ice bath. That sucks. I'm talking about the feeling you get AFTER. I used to do them after long runs (16+ miles) when I marathon trained. I'd throw on a sweatshirt and a stocking hat and make myself a giant mug of HOT green tea. Sometimes I'd add epson salts to the bath when I was especially sore. Maybe I should have done this last night instead of taking ibuprofen. It's sad that a 5 mi run now makes my legs ache like 16 mi ones used to. :/

    1. Ooh, letterpress?! Fancy! I'm a little bummed because the info side of my cards (not the burger side) actually came out kinda cheap-looking, and I wish I had gotten the glossy ones now. Next time for sure. So maybe the money is worth it!

      I'm glad to know you recommend ice baths too! I thought it was a little crazy, but my muscles really felt incredible afterward! :-) And don't worry - I only ran 4.5 yesterday and needed lots of TLC!

  4. Great biz cards... Love the logo.

    Always wondered about the ice bath. Glad I don't run far! ;)

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I was super skeptical, but I think I'm in! Most folks have said they only use them for really long runs, but 5 miles is really long for me! :-)