Thursday, March 8, 2012

Somewhere Over the Pacific

Greetings from somewhere over the Pacific! By the time you read this post, I should be well on my way to Maui and well into my new book. Vacations with long flights rock for getting in some reading.

But before we left this morning, we had one big to-do left on our list:

That's right; since we knew an afternoon workout was out of the question, morning it was. And boy, did 4:30 come early! But it was absolutely worth it to know that we get tomorrow off and can enjoy our first full day of vacation without breaking a sweat!

This trip was a gift to my brother, myself, and our significant others from my parents. Mom and Dad try to go to Maui every year around February/March to enjoy the whale-watching, and apparently it's spectacular. It's generally less crowded than summer or holidays, too. Here are our plans so far for the trip:

  • Horseback riding (at my request! My dad and I went horseback riding in Maui several years ago, and it was incredible)
  • Sail and snorkel trip (sailing, snorkeling, and beverages)
  • Whale watching
  • Scuba (Terry only)
  • Fun in the sun*
  • Pool/beach time and lots of reading
  • Catching up with the family and enjoying the fact that we're all in one room
  • Lots of fresh local fruits
  • Plenty of indulgent dinners
*Fun in the sun to be determined by amount of sun and fun available.

Since we'll only be gone for four days, we have to cram a lot in to a short time, but that's how Terry and I roll. Meanwhile, you better believe I'll be getting my workouts in and still consuming my 5 fruits and vegetables every day! We have an 8-mile run planned for Saturday, so don't get too jealous of our trip. Okay, you can get jealous. I don't want to be that girl who asks for pity over something awesome. You know those kids in your high school class who complained because they got accepted to all of their top choices for college? That will not be me!

I do hope you have a spectacular weekend. I'll be writing from Maui!


  1. ahhhhhh I am SO JEALOUS!!!!! I hope you have a FABULOUS time. Have a yummy Hawaiian drink for me : ) Great job with running at 4:30 AM...dedication!!

    1. Thanks, Jessica! We're having a great time and soaking it in. How about a Mai Tai for you? :-)