Sunday, March 4, 2012

Farmers' Market and BBQ

What a beautiful day in LA! Clear skies and 85 degrees - not bad for March 4th! Terry took off super early this morning for some scuba work play, and I slept in a little before making myself another egg-and-bacon wrap. This time I added spinach, and it was delightful.

Bacon, eggs, spinach, pepper jack cheese, and a whole wheat tortilla.

I spent most of the morning puttering around the house, cleaning a little, organizing a little going through some paperwork. Then around 11:15 I decided I would walk to the farmers' market as my cross training. My knee has been aching all day, so I wasn't up for anything high impact, especially after yesterday's run. So I power walked up to the market, about 3.4 miles round trip. I only bought strawberries and a few loaves of bread, so the walk back wasn't too bad - just HOT!

Warm weather = big crowds

Yeah, not a bad walk home

For lunch, I enjoyed my leftover sandwich from Panino from yesterday, at which point my friend Jenn invited Terry and I to a barbecue for dinner.

The weather really was perfect for a barbecue, so I'm glad Jenn and Justin suggested it. We also got to check out a park we've never visited before, and we will definitely be going back! It was beautiful, peaceful, and quite big. Perfect for picnics, outdoor games, and running. Since it's about 3 miles from our apartment, it'll be perfect for our long runs.

Jenn and Justin took care of most of the dinner: BBQ jerk chicken, bok choy, green salad, and homemade guacamole with chips. We provided a fruit salad and some adult beverages. :-) Everything was delicious and perfect for an outdoor meal. During dinner, Terry reminded me that we should try more marinades for chicken, so look forward to that! The highlight for me was Jenn's salad, which included pickled beets and blue cheese. YUM!
Jenn's fresh guacamole
Gettin' fancy with my photo skills
BBQ Jerk chicken

With the grillmaster!
Jenn's salad 
Bananas, kiwi, strawberries, and blueberries

After dinner, a round of bocce in the dark gave us all a good laugh, and we packed up by 6:30! Yes, we are wild party animals. Be jealous. Terry and I stopped at Twist, our favorite frozen yogurt shop, on the way home and split a sweet treat. Now we're settled in for the evening, reading and relaxing before a hectic work week. We leave Thursday evening for Maui!

I hope you had a lovely weekend! What are your goals this week? How are you going to eat healthy and work out?


  1. I was like "yum on the wrap" when you added spinach (I love diced onion and mushrooms in mine, too). And what a beautiful day for the market (the hubs and I mellowed out at Glen Ivy Corona for the day...) and then you say "Thursday...Maui". Um, hello?! can i be a stowaway in your bag???

    Have an awesome time in Maui! I wish I had a good Farmer's market around.

    1. Luckily Farmer's Markets are super abundant in LA! We actually have two in walking distance, so we're very lucky. And don't you worry - four days in Maui will be short but we're going to live it up! Thanks for the comment! :-)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Dena! I'm definitely trying to make the food look as good as I think it tastes. :-)