Saturday, March 10, 2012

First Two Days in Maui

After a stressful day trying to get out of work on time on Thursday, I picked up Terry from work and raced to the airport. We made it through security without incident before picking up a few snacks for the long flight. Upon spotting a Brioche Doree, a sandwich shop, our mouths watered remembering the same chain in Paris. Unfortunately, the sandwiches failed to impress; this site added some sort of strange apple-vinegar reduction that really didn’t do it for either of us. I grabbed a few bags of trail mix, pretzels, and peanut butter crackers in an attempt to hold us over to Maui, but we both struggled with all the salt and very little water. Through all our travels this year, we’ve certainly learned the importance of hydration. I eat very little salt on a normal basis (processed foods = lots of salt!), so traveling inevitably leads to lots of bloating and crazy thirst.

Thankfully, after grabbing our rental minivan (oh yes, get excited, we have a minivan), braving the wind and rain, and driving the 45 minutes to our condo, my generous parents met us with lifesaving sandwiches, cookies, and fruit. We essentially ignored them and scarfed down the homemade turkey-bacon sandwiches, agreeing to meet up in the morning for our horseback ride. (My parents are staying at another resort, about 5 minutes from our condo, and the "kids" are staying at a condo that they scored through their time share.)

After a quick, deep sleep, we woke up to flash flood warnings and severe thunderstorms around Hawaii. We decided to skip horseback riding and opted for a nice breakfast instead. My parents have been trying to go to The Gazebo at Napili for several years, but the lines were always too long. Since we woke up at 6:45 for the failed horse adventure, we got in line by 7:50 and only have to wait about 25 minutes.

Happy to be in paradise!

We agreed that Terry had the best breakfast, but that’s only because he got to eat all our leftovers and therefore tasted just about all the restaurant’s specialty. Mom and I split the macadamia nut pancakes, Dad had the Lahaina omelet, and Terry ordered the Big Kahuna omelet but ate one of our pancakes as well. He also sampled some of the fried rice we bought for the next night’s dinner. 

Oceanfront breakfast
Macadamia nut pancakes with fresh whipped cream

Terry's omelete

We stopped at a Maui farmers' market (they let us sample everything and I learned how to pick out a papaya!); then we headed over to pick up my brother and his fiancee to really get the trip started!

Farmers' markets in Maui mean lots of tropical fruit!
Not a bad place to lounge
Yesterday's activities were eating lunch, relaxing near the beach, and enjoying a surprise dinner at Warren & Annabelle's. Warren & Annabelle's is a magic/comedy show venue; after dinner, we got to see two comedian-magicians. The first focused on slight of hand and the second emphasized the comedy, but both were fantastic. We've been to the Magic Castle, Hollywood's famous magic venue, and this show was certainly comparable. The venue is very small, too (about 80 people), so the illusions are close up and the performers interact with the audience a lot. If you're planning a trip to Maui, make Warren & Annabelle's part of your itinerary! (Sadly, pictures weren't allowed.) 

 Today, Terry and I got an early start at 5 am with our big run for the week. We stepped outside into some substantial rain, wind, and darkness, so we hopped on the treadmill/bike for the first mile and a half before finishing up outside. We were scheduled to do eight miles but only made it through six, still a decent number for vacation. :-) Then we were off on our sail and snorkel adventure! It was five hours of eating, sailing, whale watching, snorkeling, diving (for Terry), talking with the crew and other passengers, drinking, eating again, and watching sea turtles. It was a blast!

It was a bit cold at first...

A peaceful ride out to the dive site

Terry jumping in the water for his dive

With Dad

Post-dive relaxation

Sea turtles! 

Tonight we're dining at my parents' condo, which has a fantastic view of the water and Lanai. We have been able to spot whales from their living room! 

Checking out the view

Postcard sunset

Seeing whales in the wild for the first time has truly made this whole trip an incredible experience. We're going on an official whale watching trip on Monday, and I can't wait to see even more whales! 

Dinner tonight was delicious, but I'll post more about it tomorrow. I just had to share my dad's amazing job slicing up cheese for the appetizer plate. :-) (He was very proud!)

Dad's cheese plate

Tomorrow's plans: Boot camp workout, a massage (my special treat for the week), and pool time before a special dinner with the family to celebrate my mom's and my brother's recent birthdays. Aloha! 


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