Thursday, March 15, 2012

Low-Key Thursday

You'll notice this week's posts, with the exception of Tuesday's post about Monday's workout, have lacked mention of any real exercise. As much as I advocate no excuses, I also recommend listening to your body, and this week, my body is telling me to sloooooooow down.

Between our hectic weekend of traveling, a funky schedule at school, and feeling sick, I knew I needed to take this afternoon and evening to mellow the heck out. But don't worry, I still brought my no excuses attitude on my mission to relax.

I finished up all my school work and tomorrow's lesson prep before I left campus so that I could put work aside for the evening. After receiving my "sorry but we won't be needing your services next year" letter for the third year in a row yesterday (like so many other teachers out there), I was all too glad to avoid thinking about work.

Traffic tried to stand in my way, and it took me over an hour to get home. But I found joy in eating the World's Most Perfectly Ripe Pear and speaking with my dad on the phone (hands-free, of course!), so I wasn't too worked up by the time I got to the apartment.

When I came home and remembered all the laundry and other chores I had hoped to do, I ignored it all, curled up on the couch, and took a nap. You have no idea how much willpower it took, but I was seriously proud of myself for just saying no to housework for once.

When Terry came home, I slept another 30 minutes, and he sweetly offered to take me out to dinner or help cook. I wasn't up for going out (and take off my sweatpants?! hell no!), so we decided on some whole wheat waffles with eggs and strawberries.

The rest of tonight involved baking another test batch of muffins (seriously, recipe coming soon), cuddling Scout, and looking through more Maui photos. In case you missed the Hawaii recaps, here they are:

Here are a few more highlights of our trip:

Rainy but still gorgeous

Post-breakfast picture with Mom - and yes that's my dad with the binoculars 

It says, "Whale Alert: 3 bells - 'Thar she blows!' 4 bells - 'Whale ho!'"

Maui Farmers' Market


So many amazing things about this picture, especially my brother's TWO pairs of binoculars

We know how to do tourism in style

Sail & Snorkel

Molokini, where we snorkeled

Isn't she gorgeous?

Scuba Terry!

POG-mosas (Passion-orange-guava juice with champagne)

Our snorkel vessel, the Ali'i Nui (photo by Ali'i Nui Staff)

Super artistic (photo by Ali'i Nui Staff)

Ocean floor (photo by Ali'i Nui Staff)

Chris & Ashley snorkeling (photo by Ali'i Nui Staff) 

Terry underwater! (photo by Ali'i Nui Staff)

(photo by Ali'i Nui Staff) 

Dad and me snorkeling (photo by Ali'i Nui Staff)

This one's for Jenn - sea life! (photo by Ali'i Nui Staff)



And tomorrow's Friday! We have big plans for laundry, cooking (perhaps some corned beef and cabbage), baking (macaroons), watching about 50 TV shows on our DVR, sleeping in, working out, and reading. It's supposed to rain here, and I'm especially excited for a great excuse to hang out at home!

What are your plans for the weekend? What workouts and meals are on your horizon?


  1. Love the photos, Maui looks beautiful. Would love to go to Haweii one day... and seeing those photos have convinced me once again that I must go.

    1. Yes! Even for 4 days, it was amazing! :-)

  2. Thanks for my special sea life shout out! I also think those POG-mosas look amazing. I'm a big fan of orange-pineapple-banana juice with champagne. The POG sounds even better! I love tropical everything-sea life, drinks, vacations, and more!! Feel better :) Can't wait to see you next!

  3. Loved your blog....I love your workout plotting and the intervals for the treadmill. I am really into doing intervals, they say it is a great workout. Also loved the photos from Hawaii. Since I retired I don't see your dad much and really miss their vacation photos. Keep this blog up. It's great. Robin