Friday, June 22, 2012

Day Two in Denver - FHBC

Day two in Denver at the Fitness and Health Bloggers Conference turned out to be even more fantastic than promised. Hearing from other expert bloggers, meeting sponsors, gaining valuable information from actual researchers, working out at a state of the art fitness center...oh, and meeting lots of new blogger friends!

My roommate Sarah and I started the morning bright and early with a brisk walk from the hotel to campus 
A gorgeous walk...

and enjoyed a nutritious breakfast of Attune Foods cereals (I mixed Rice Twice and Uncle Sam), milk, yogurt from A Better Whey of Life, and berries from Driscoll's Berries. 

Berries galore!
Attune Foods

My breakfast (plus two more cups of berries!)
We snuggled into a conference room to hear a few fantastic speakers (and fellow bloggers) provide great information about nerdy blogging topics--and we ate it all up! Alexandra, Kymberly, Christine, Amanda, and Kasey shared their insights about writing to be read, search engine optimization, media and networking, and personal branding. I felt a little overwhelmed as a semi-new blogger, but I'm hoping to put it all to use in the near future.

Then we got to enjoy the trade show! All the conference sponsors showed up to chat with us, tell us about their incredible brands, and shower us with their generous samples.

Me and roomie Sarah at the Western Dairy Association table!

One of the most stand-out tables, in my opinion, was the Daily Feats table. This website focuses on helping people accomplish small goals that improve overall quality of life, like working out and eating well, but also like voting, recycling, and spending time with family. I absolutely love their idea!

Oh, and of course - Love Grown Foods. Oh, how I love their granola! They were at BLEND, and I couldn't get enough of that crunchy deliciousness.

Spreading the Love!

Another favorite: Refuel with Chocolate Milk. I love chocolate milk, but they also sponsored my registration fees for the conference! We all gulped down the milk samples they had - I think mine lasted about three sips. So refreshing, not too sweet, perfect for post-workout (or just walking around a conference...)

I do and I love it.

 Another favorite without a photo was the Choose Cherries table. The folks were super nice, but their product is even better. Real food. That's all I'm looking for. Sometimes working with brands can be tough because my views don't align with the company's products, so I have to pass. But I can get on board with good ol' cherries!

 We wandered around a bit more...

And spotted the uberhealthy Bistro Elaia. Spoiler alert: We ate lunch here later!

Shout out to BLWB!

We also got a tour of the incredible fitness center. WOW!!!

Huge cardio center

You upload your workouts

Indoor track!

Circuit station

For lunch, Sarah, Annette, Geoff, and I ate at the Bistro in the fitness center.
Terrific Greek salad for lunch

We then headed over to the auditorium for our keynote speaker, Dr. James O. Hill, Ph.D., and featured speaker Dr. Iñigo San Millán, Ph.D.

Their presentations were FANTASTIC, but I will save the details for other posts. I can't wait to share all I learned, but I want to process it all first and provide you with the highlights.

Then we were back to the fitness center for a tabata workout! I had never done tabata before but really enjoyed its fast pace. The tabata workout focuses on 20 seconds intense work, 10 seconds rest; you complete one exercise 8 times before moving to the next, and you complete a total of 4 exercises. It all adds up to about 30 minutes, a quick and efficient way to get your workout done quickly! I loved it and will definitely try a few more. I know Gina has posted several...

 We finished the evening with a Chipotle dinner and a walk back to our hotel.

We're up and out EARLY tomorrow, so I'm off to sleep. 

Have you ever tried a new workout and LOVED or HATED it? 


  1. Whoa! That fitness center looks like something they would reserve for Olympians. I want to work out there!

  2. i forgot about taking that photo at the western dairy association booth! mmmm, now i want to make that smoothie!