Saturday, June 2, 2012

Hamstrings and Back

Last night turned into an extremely relaxing evening, and I wound up taking the night off from posting.  It was a great end to the week. But before we really relaxed, Terry and I busted out a stability and strength workout targeting the hamstrings and back.

Walking Warrior 3: Steady yourself on one leg and tilt your body into a Warrior 3 position. Return to an upright position but only touch your toe to the ground before returning, on the same leg, to a warrior 3. Repeat one more time, then switch legs. Complete this series 6 times on each leg for a total of 18 "dips" into Warrior 3 on each leg. 

(For a better visual of this exercise, imagine one of those desk birds that dips into water. That's all I could think of while I did it.)

I loved this workout! It really targeted the hamstrings and back, but it also balanced strength and stability, so it worked the core and other areas of the body as well.  For more of a challenge, increase the weights or add more instability (perform the Warrior 3 exercise on a BOSU ball, for example). We made sure to stretch a lot afterward, but we are definitely feeling it today!

Next up: some lemonitos to begin our evening o' relaxation!

And homemade tuna melts.

We stayed up late watching Mission Impossible 4, which seemed pretty good, but I fell asleep before the end. Terry liked it, though! So today we slept in until 9, made a delicious breakfast of spinach and eggs, and drank a cup of tea to start the day.

Now we're off to tackle a huge set of stairs that my parents attacked last week when they were here. Let's see if it's as tough as they say!

Hope you have a great Saturday!


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