Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Greetings from Cabo

Hello from Cabo!

These weeks of traveling to Vegas, Denver, and now Cabo have finally caught up to me. I’m a bit under the weather, but I would say this isn’t such a bad place to be a little sick.



Terry and I woke up early yesterday morning to squeeze in our 6-mile run. We’re training for our half marathon, and even with our weird schedules lately we need to at least stay on track with our long runs. But I wanted to apply my new knowledge about how professional athletes train; at our conference this weekend we learned that the pros train at a nice, easy pace about 80% of the time. So we kept our pace at 6.3 mph for the first four miles or so and then kicked it up for the last bit. Unfortunately, I felt like I was sprinting at the end, and we were only around 6.8. Still, I loved the first several miles. We didn’t feel like we were dying, and I was actually able to hold a conversation with Terry—miracle.

After our run, we finished packing, said goodbye to the little guy, and headed to the airport. In an effort to travel healthy, we stopped at a new-to-us restaurant, Which ‘Wich, which (ßha!) is, obviously, a sandwich place. You write your order on a brown bag, and they make it up very quickly for you. I ordered turkey and cheddar on whole wheat with lots of veggies, and Terry got himself an Italian sub. Both were quite yummy, and much better than our airport options.

Then we were off! We landed in Los Cabos around 4 pm and took a shuttle to our hotel. The property is really beautiful and peaceful.

For dinner, we headed into town via taxi and ate at The Office, which was super cool—you sit with your feet in the sand, right on the beach! We also had a lovely view of the famous arches, which I hope to learn more about while we’re here. After dinner we grabbed drinks at Monkey Business, an outdoor bar famous among locals and tourists alike.

Today, Terry headed off to scuba dive through Sunshine Divers, which he said was cold but nice. I stayed at the hotel and read all morning, which was a lovely way to get my mind into “vacation mode” (it usually takes a good 24 hours to get there for this lady). Once Terry returned we ate lunch on the property—pizza and sushi at the same place?—before resting up and heading into town again.  

Tonight we ate at Mi Casa and then returned to our hotel for some Cribbage before bed. We're looking forward to another relaxing and fun day tomorrow!

*Note: My apologies for the lack of photos. I'll post 'em all soon!

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  1. nice work on the training run! i am excited about the excuse (ok, maybe the good reason) to take it a bit easier on some of my runs too!

    sorry you're feeling sick. :( that's never fun.