Friday, June 29, 2012

Super Quick Post from Cabo

Okay, folks, it took about 20 minutes to upload these three photos, so it's all you're getting today!

Terry's margarita at Monkey Business

Carne asada at Mi Casa

Carnitas at Mi Casa

It isn't much, but WiFi is pretty terrible here. Luckily, we've been rather busy with all the other relaxing activities!

On Wednesday, Terry headed off to an ATV adventure while I got a wonderful massage at the resort spa. Then we met up and hung out at the pool for a bit before dinner at Peacock's in town. I had the lobster chowder, and it was very rich but good. 

Yesterday, Terry and I woke up early to work out at the gym on site, but the treadmills were completely out of whack. They claimed we were only running at 6 miles per hour, but we were both practically sprinting. Oh, well--30 minutes in I called it a day. Then we busted out some upper body supersets before heading back to the room. (Push ups, triceps extension, lat pull downs, barbell bent over rows, L-raises, and overhead shoulder presses--3 sets of 15 reps each.)

We spent the afternoon in town yesterday, hanging out at Monkey Business and eating some delicious tacos at Los Claros. We each got to practice some of our Spanish, and it turns out I remember quite a lot more than I expected. We spent a bit more time at the pool and ate dinner at the resort.

Today we're really enjoying the pool. We also painted some pottery, which is a fun poolside activity--very relaxing and therapeutic. I painted a turtle; Terry chose a mug. We'll share photos when the connection is better. Tonight we'll likely head back into town for one last dinner, and we head out tomorrow afternoon.

It's been a nice trip and wonderful weather, and I'll see you again from the states! Adios!


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