Monday, July 23, 2012

A Wedding and a Stomachache

And I'm back! This weekend flew by, and so here's a super speedy recap:

I started the morning with a hip hop class with Jenn, and it was TOUGH! I danced for about ten years as a teenager but haven't found many opportunities to continue. But this class was challenging, fun, fast-paced, and high-energy. I was already a little sore from our In the Park Workout, and now I'm still sore from that class! Plus, I don't think I've ever sweat so much in an hour. Hopefully I'll get a chance to do it again.

After the class, I showered up and got a little housework done before heading out to Irvine for a wedding. I know Eileen from the teaching job I just left; she was my first friend at the job. Eileen taught in the classroom next door to mine, and she invited me to join her for lunch every week. We both lived far from the school, so we often went to dinner together when there were late night meetings on campus. She has been a wonderful friend and coworker, and it was so fun to be there as she met Sam (I remember her telling us about their first date!), got engaged, and planned the wedding.

The wedding ceremony was at Concordia University, a gorgeous campus in Orange County. I attended this part of the day alone, and it was great to catch up with some other former coworkers. I'm definitely going to miss working with them! The ceremony was stunning, very moving, and perfect for the two of them. Everyone agreed that the most touching part was when they thanked their parents for being so supportive of their relationship. Not a dry eye in the house!

Eileen's brother walked her down the aisle and was all smiles!

A gorgeous ceremony

After the ceremony, I scooted over to the local airport to pick up Terry, who was flying in from my brother's Vegas bachelor party. Since the ceremony was at 3 and the reception at 6, we worked it out so that I would pick up Terry in between and he could attend the second portion. It worked perfectly! In fact, we had about an hour to kill after I picked him up, so we stopped at Irvine Spectrum Center, a really nice shopping/dining center. We enjoyed some appetizers and drinks at the Yardhouse, Terry changed into his suit, and we headed over to The Hills Hotel for the reception.

The beautiful couple

Dress from Kohl's

The rest of the night was really lovely. We had a blast chatting with my old coworkers at the cocktail hour, celebrated and toasted the couple, ate, danced, and took photos at the photo booth.

Terry and I really love weddings, and we were shocked to realize that this wedding was the first we attended since our own, over a year ago. Everyone says your mid-twenties are crazy for weddings, but we haven't attended more than two per year. The next one is my brother's in two months!

Terry woke up early for his very first official lesson as a professional scuba diver. That's right, he's a pro now! He's qualified as a Dive Master, which means he can assist instructors, teach refresher courses (for folks who are certified divers but haven't gone in awhile), and lead certified divers as needed. He is working toward instructor status, where he would actually be qualified to certify people to dive.

While Terry was in the pool, I enjoyed a quiet Sunday filled with reading the paper and walking to our farmers' market. Once we were both home, we enjoyed a quick lunch and then, for some reason, suddenly felt inspired to clean our entire patio. We threw stuff away, swept, reorganized, and hopefully got rid of any spiders that may have been lurking out there. Some of you are aware that we had a black widow sighting this weekend, and I was determined to make sure that thing is outta here!

Almost immediately after our little cleaning party, I got a horrible stomachache. I've talked about my stress stomachaches in the past, but this one brought pain to a whole new level! It pretty much killed the rest of the afternoon, including my plans to go to church with Jenn (sorry, Jenn!). A heating pad, a nap, some Pepto, and lots of water later, I managed to get up and get ready for one more weekend gathering with a few friends from college I haven't seen in awhile. It was so great to catch up, and my stomach behaved nicely enough to let me enjoy some sushi. The evening was so nice!

So that's the weekend! I hope yours was fabulous!

What are your stomachache remedies?

What was the best wedding you've been to?


  1. The wedding and bride look absolutely beautiful! So glad that Terry was able to accompany you for the 2nd half of the day :) Sorry about your stomachache, but I'm glad your feeling better!!

    ohh and your dress is too cute btw!

    1. Thanks! I'm so glad to be feeling better too!

  2. i LOVE your dress from the wedding! SO cute! My friend got married a few weeks ago and I also got my dress from Kohls! :)

    My stomach ache remedies consist of mint in whatever form I can get it: peppermint, mint tea, mint gum, etc. My last resort is stomach ache meds but I couldn't believe how much mint usually helps calm my stomach.