Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Giant Leaf, Tiny Cat

Thanks so much for all the sweet comments about our anniversary yesterday. We had a blast celebrating at home with a phenomenal meal (details tomorrow!), a crossword puzzle, and gifts. We love our fancy nights in (though we didn't dress up this time).

We started with an appetizer and champagne while we exchanged gifts.

Bruschetta appetizer

Terry gave me something we've both talked about for years--the audio CDs of the Harry Potter series. He called it a "21st century paper" gift. So cute and thoughtful! I made a photo collage for Terry with black-and-whites of our year of travels and our wedding date over it.
He loved it!
We shifted over to a delightful dinner of Julia Child's boeuf bourguignon with boiled potatoes and a lovely Frank Family Zinfandel.

We even used our china!
Gift from Terry's grandparents

We finished the evening with a marble cake similar to the one we enjoyed on our wedding day - except I made this one and it wasn't quite as pretty. 
Marble cake - recipe to come!

Everything tasted delicious, but we were stuffed. I'm still full, 24 hours later. But that may be because we had leftovers tonight for dinner. Oops! Tomorrow I'm going to share a step-by-step instructional post for anyone interested in Julia's incredible recipe. I've already asked my mom if I can make this dish for Christmas Eve, and she's on board!

This morning, aka Year 2 Day 1 of our marriage, Terry headed off to work while I stayed home doing all the dishes from last night. I'm not sure who got the short end of that stick, but I know it wasn't Scout, who played and looked out the window all day. 

For lunch I ate a spinach, cheese, and avocado scramble, and I found the world's largest spinach leaf.
Giant leaf, tiny cat

 That was the highlight of the day. Well, that and leftovers.

Hope you had a wonderful day! What's the last meal that stuffed you silly? It happens rarely now, because I really try to watch my portions, but I just couldn't stop eating this stew!


  1. What a beautiful Anniversary Dinner in. All of your dishes look that of a professional chef. I love the black and white collage you made for Terry. <3

    1. Thanks so much! I had the hardest time thinking of a gift, but I knew it had to be travel-related. I think it turned out well!

  2. Hope you enjoyed the Veuve Cliquot! It's one of my favorites!

    1. I love it! :-) Really, any sparkling wine makes me happy!